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When was Hurricane Katrina?


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Hurricane Katrina first formed over the Bahamas on August 23, 2005. On August 29 it hit New Orleans in southeast Louisiana before moving along the Gulf Coast.

It killed: 2 people in Alabama,14 people in Florida,2 people in Georgia,1 person in Kentucky,2 in people in Ohio,238 in Mississippi, and 1,577 people in Louisiana. That is a total of 1,836 dead, and 705 missing.


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No, it was a hurricane, hence the name "HurricaneKatrina".

No. Hurricane Katrina was in 2005.

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Hurricane Katrina is the appropriate spelling.

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The Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005.

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No. Hurricane Katrina was a hurricane, which is a type of very powerful storm.

Nobody controlled Hurricane Katrina. It was a hurricane. it happened on its own.

Hurricane Katrina occurred on August 23, 2005. Hurricane Katrina is constantly rated as the most destructive and powerful hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season.

No, Hurricane Katrina was the 5th hurricane and 11th named storm of the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane season.

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Hurricane Katrina reached a devastating Category 5.

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