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When was Illinois founded?

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it was founded in 1673.

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Springfield, Illinois was founded in 1820.

Illinois State University was founded in 1857.

Joseph Smith founded Nauvoo, Illinois on the Mississippi River.

Southern Illinois University (originally just in Carbondale, IL) was founded in 1869.

The current Deere& Company was founded in Moline, Illinois. The previous companies John Deere was involved with and founded were also founded in Moline, Ilinois and in Grand Detour, Illinois.

McKendree University (College) was founded in 1828 and is the oldest in Illinois.

Cook County, Illinois was founded January 15, 1831.

The headquarters of the company US Cellular is located in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in 1983, and has been located in Illinois since its founded date.

The first US city to be founded was Cahokia which was founded in the year 600. The city was in the state of Illinois.

The very first bank was founded in old Shawneetown in Gallatin County Illinois

The Illinois Sewing Machine Co was founded in 1895.

Illinois had been established as a territory for Native Americans well before being founded. The first founders of the modern state were Father Marquette and Louis Joliet.

In 2005, the Eastern tiger salamander was named the official state amphibian of Illinois.

The first pro sports team in Illinois was the Chicago Cubs, founded in 1875.

The Wrigley Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1891

Abe Saperstein in 1926 in Chicago, Illinois

wow, Christopher Columbus founded America, and explored

Because the people who founded Illinois or lived in it or the governor made deals or something to make it shaped like that.

Northbrook, Illinois is located in Cook county. Northbrook, Illinois has a population of over thirty three thousand. The town of Northbrook was founded in 1901.

Allstate Insurance was founded in 1931 in Northbrook Illinois. They sell home, auto, life and boat insurance.

Louis Jolliet and Father Marquette arrived in Illinois in 1673, and in 1818, Illinois became the 21st state of the United States.

it was found because there needed to be 50 states so they found

The Tri-City Blackhawks played in Moline Illinois

While there is some debate about this, McKendree College (today McKendree University) seems to be the oldest; it is a private liberal arts college located in Lebanon, Illinois. It was founded in 1828 and originally called the Lebanon Seminary, run by the Methodist Church. The oldest public university is Illinois State University, founded in 1857 in Norman, Illinois, as a training school for teachers.

The Allstate Corporation was founded on April 17, 1931. They are one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States and have their headquarters in Illinois.

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