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When was JFK elected?

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Kennedy was elected president in November of 1960. He was inaugurated on January 20, 1961.

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Who was the youngest pres to be elected?


When was JFK elected president?


What state was JFK elected from?


When did jfk get elected into office?


What year was JFK elected president?


Last senator to be elected in 1960?


When was they election of JFK?

JFK was elected in 1961. He was only President for one term. 1961-9163

What year was JFK elected?

John F. Kennedy was elected the 35th President of the United States on November 8th, 1960. He was later inaugurated as president on January 20th, 1961.

Was JFK re-elected?

... as President? No! He was assassinated before completing his (first) term of office.

What was the age of JFK when elected to presidency?

He was 43 when he got elected as president!!!

Who had the youngest kids in the White House?

JFK- JFK jr sixteen days after JFK was elected president . I think Obamas girl is the second yongest

Was JFK the oldest or youngest president ever elected?


How old was John F Kennedy when he was elected president?

JFK was 43

Who was the last senator to be elected president in the 1960's?


How many terms was JFK elected to?

Only one, and he died before the end of it.

Was JFK governor of Massachusetts?

No. He was a Representative and then a Senator before being elected President.

What did JFK do before being elected President?

John F. Kennedy was a naval officer,author,congressman and senator before being elected as president.

What year did Kennedy take office as president?

JFK was elected in 1960, took office in 1961.

How could JFK be 46 when he became President?

He wasn't 46 when he was elected; he was 43. He was 46 when he was killed.

When did JFK become a congressman?

He was elected to congress in 1952, and took office January 3rd 1953.

Why was president John F. Kennedy elected?

JFK defeated Richard Nixon in November 1960.

BONUS what distinction is held by JFK as far as his birth date and the presidency goes?

He was the youngest elected President

What was JFK famous for?

He was in the U.S. Navy and he was the 35th president and he was the youngest president elected he was 43 years old

How old was president Johnson when elected?

Johnson became president after JFK was assassinated; he was 55 years old.