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Justin Bieber's second album, (My World 2.0), was released March 23, 2010. I hope this helped! :)
Justin Bieber's second album, My World 2.0, was released on March 23, 2010.

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It came out in March 2010!!!

'One Less Lonley Girl'... And Then 'Love Me'... There Both On His Album 'My World' :D

"One less lonely girl"

in Melbourne Victoria his concert is on in may on the 1st and 2nd. by and 11 year old girl..

Justin Bieber's 1st album 'My World' came out on November 17, 2009 &his 2nd album 'My World 2.0' came out on March 19, 2010

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Yes of couse he does he is beutiful watch mistletoe and one less lonly girl its cute Justin was born 1st March 1994 12:56pm my couson was born on 2nd March

1.back down to earth time 3.favourite girl 4.somebody to love

As of 9th Feb 2012, their 1st album was called 'Room on the 3rd Floor' which was released in 2004. Their 2nd album was called 'Wonderland' which was released in 2005. Their 3rd album was called 'Motion in the Ocean' which was released in 2006. Their 4th album was called 'All the Greatest Hits' which was released in 2007. Their 5th album was called 'Radio:ACTIVE' which was released in 2008. Their 6th album was called 'Above the Noise' which was released in 2010.

The newest album is called Forget and Not Slow Down, which was released on Oct. 2nd, 2009.

It was released in America on the 2nd of October, as a track on her debut album, "Sticks + Stones"

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My World 2.0 was released March 2010

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November 11, 2008. November 11, 2008.

He only has one CD called My World 2.0

T.N.T although it was never released in america. the second american album was dirty deeds done dirt cheap which was recorded in 1976 but not released until 19 eighty something

Their 1st album has been out since 2009, their 2nd album hasn't been released in the UK yet. I want it too!

Nick Jonas recorded and was scheduled to release a solo album titled "Nicholas Jonas" in December of 2004, but the album was never released. + he's solo album "who i am" is going to be out 2nd February 2010.

Possibly after they've released their 2nd album at the end of this year

Bayou Country which was released January 5, 1969

Their newest album, Temple of Thought, was released March 2012, and taking into account that since their 2nd album they've released a new one each two years on spring, next album may be released in 2014. But that's just a guess, no-one knows yet if it'll be sooner or later.

Not yet, his next album is to be released 1st or 2nd quarter 2009 and its called Relapse.

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