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Q: When was Liverpool awarded European city of culture?
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In which continental European city have Liverpool played the most matches?


Who likes Manchester City?

LIVERPOOL NEWCASTLE EVERTON Thank you for supporting us XXX you have been awarded £ 252

Complete the sentence 2008 was Liverpool's year as Capital of?

Liverpool was the 2008 City of Culture. Liverpool is a large citry in the NW of England. Bill Shankley said it has 2 great football teams: Liverpool & Liverpool reserves !

Where which city have Liverpool played in two European Cup finals?


What is European capital of culture?

The European Capital of Culture is an EU project designed to highlight the culture of the continent - selecting a city that illustrates and deserves the title of 'Capital of Culture'. The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for a period of one year during which it is given a chance to showcase its cultural life and cultural development. A number of European cities have used the City of Culture year to transform their cultural base and, in doing so, the way in which they are viewed internationally.

Is Liverpool a large city?

Liverpool is a city in England

Was the beatles a music group from a different culture?

The Beatles were from lower-middle and lower class families in the English port city of Liverpool. This is probably a different culture if you are an Eskimo or a Shinto priest or a cowboy on the pampas. It is not a different culture if you are from a lower-middle or lower class family from Liverpool.

Is Liverpool a village town or city?

Liverpool is a city.

Is Liverpool a City?

Liverpool is Football Club

Is liverpool a coutry?

No, Liverpool is a city in the country of England.

How many times have man city won the European cup?

Manchester City has never won the Champions League.

Which city has people in it that often are referred as'scousers'?

Liverpool in the UK. The people are often called "Scousers". One possible explanation is that they became associated with Lobscouse, a Northern European meat stew that became popular in ports...such as Liverpool.