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Notre Dame Fighting Irish football was created in 1887.

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Q: When was Notre Dame Fighting Irish football created?
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When was Notre Dame Fighting Irish men's lacrosse created?

Notre Dame Fighting Irish men's lacrosse was created in 1981.

What is the nickname of Notre Dame football team?

irish fighting

Which colleges have golden football helmets?

Notre Dame fighting Irish

What has the author Michael R Steele written?

Michael R. Steele has written: 'Knute Rockne' -- subject(s): Biography, Football coaches, History, Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Football team) 'Christianity, The Other, and The Holocaust (Contributions to the Study of Religion)' 'The Fighting Irish Football Encyclopedia' -- subject(s): Football, History, Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Football team), University of Notre Dame 'The Fighting Irish Encyclopedia'

What should you get your boyfriend for Christmas he likes notre dame and blue stuff?

How about a Notre Dame Fighting Irish Navy Blue football shirt from Football Fanatics at for $15.95?

What is notre dame's mascot?

the Fighting Irish

What is Notre Dames mascot?

Fighting Irish

Why does Notre Dame have the a leprechaun as the mascot?

Notre Dame has a leprechaun as a mascot because of their football team name called "Fighting Irish". Before the football team was called that, which I believe was somewhere in the 1960's, Notre Dame's mascot used to be a group of Irish Terrier dogs.

What is state is Notre Dame fighting Irish in?

University of Notre Dame du Lac whose sports teams are known as The Fighting Irish is located in Notre Dame, St. Indiana.

What college football team play for megaphone?

The Michigan State Spartans and Notre Dame Fighting Irish play for a megaphone.

What is the name of the mascot for Notre Dame?

the Fighting Irish

What is Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the varsity sports team of the renowned University of Notre Dame. They participate in 23 NCAA Division 1 intercollegiate sports.

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