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Q: When was Olly Coddington born?
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When was William Coddington born?

William Coddington was born in 1601.

When was Henry Coddington born?

Henry Coddington was born in 1798.

When was Damico Coddington born?

Damico Coddington was born on 1984-05-24.

When was Edwin Foster Coddington born?

Edwin Foster Coddington was born in 1870.

When was Grace Coddington born?

Grace Coddington was born on 1941-04-14.

When was Deborah Coddington born?

Deborah Coddington was born on 1953-02-05.

When was Alice Coddington born?

Alice Coddington was born on 1988-10-24.

When was John Coddington born?

John Coddington was born on 1937-12-16.

When was Boyd Coddington born?

Boyd Coddington was born on August 28, 1944, in Rupert, Idaho, USA.

When was Olly Wilson born?

Olly Wilson was born in 1937.

When was Olly Flynn born?

Olly Flynn was born in 1950.

When was Olly Freeman born?

Olly Freeman was born in 1986.

When was Olly Moss born?

Olly Moss was born in 1987.

When was Olly Smith born?

Olly Smith was born in 1974.

When was Olly Morgan born?

Olly Morgan was born on 1985-11-03.

When was Olly Barkley born?

Olly Barkley was born on 1981-11-28.

When was Olly Croft born?

Olly Croft was born on 1929-11-17.

When was Olly Alexander born?

Olly Alexander was born in 1990, in England, UK.

When was Olly Boeheim born?

Olly Boeheim was born on March 29, 1891.

What is the birth name of Boyd Coddington?

Boyd Coddington's birth name is Boyd Leon Coddington.

When was Coddington Cemetery created?

Coddington Cemetery was created in 1647.

When did Henry Coddington die?

Henry Coddington died in 1845.

When was Coddington School created?

Coddington School was created in 1909.

When was Olly Murs born?

Olly Murs was born on May 14, 1984 in Witham, Essex, England.

When was Olly Stothert born?

Olly Stothert was born on May 3, 1982, in Lancashire, England, UK.