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One in a Million - Aaliyah song - was created on 1996-12-10.


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One in a Million - Euphoria song - was created in 1992.

it's either Miley Cyrus, Neyo, or Aaliyah( (R.I.P.), But the best one in a million (my opinion) would probably be Aaliyah's version.

One in a Million - Bosson song - was created in 2000-12.

yes in fact they did he even wrote a song for her and many more but the most popular one is 'differences' and she did a song for him 'one in a million' and he was even featured in her video

Aaliyah online released one album before one in a million. This one was called Age Ain't Nothing but a Number and it came out in 1994. There a 3rd one called Aaliyah released in 2001.

One in a Million - Johnny Lee song - was created on 1980-10-06.

Esmee Denters' first single was 'Outta Here', and her first YouTube cover was 'One in a Million' by Aaliyah.

One can find the lyrics to the Aaliyah song "Rock The Boat" on the song lyrics websites MetroLyrics and eLyrics. Alternatively one can enjoy both the song and lyrics on video sharing websites like YouTube.

Made - A lot of Records.Sold - Over 50 million. and 24 million posthumously. Over 70 million in total. many say 32 million but i did the math and calculation she sold much more then that!Aaliyah made a total of three records:Age Ain't Nothing But A Number: 3,000,000 world wide to date.One in A Million - 8,000,000 world wide to date.Romeo Must Die: Soundtrack - 3,000,000 world wide to date.Aaliyah - 15,000,000 world wide to date.I Care 4 U - 6,000,000 world wide to date.Ultimate Aaliyah - 1,600,000 world wide to date.Single sales between 10-15 million copiesAaliyah had 11 number one r&b hits.To date Aaliyah has sold 61 million records with an estimated networth between 50-80$ million!

who wrote the song one in a million buy the romantics

One Million Strong was created in 1994.

One Million Tomorrows was created in 1970.

A Million to One was created on 1986-05-27.

The one million masterpiece was created in 2006.

One Million Kisses was created in 1983.

A wisdom of the song One in a Million by Bosson is the fact that you are one person who is completely different from anyone else in the world. You are that one in a million person.

One Million A.D. was created in 2005.

One Million B.C. was created in 1940.

Larry Graham had a hit with One In A Million You.

DMX shared a bond with Aaliyah, having worked closely with her on the 2000 film "Romeo Must Die" & on the accompanying soundtrack, for which they recorded the memorable song "Come Back in One Piece."

One Million Star was created on 2007-01-05.

Wow. There are so many. My favorite songs by Aaliyah are... * One In a Million * If your girl only knew * Four Page Letter * We Need a Resolution * Hot Like Fire * Age Ain't Nothing But a Number * Rock The Boat * More The a Woman * I Care for You * Miss You * Are You That Somebody Those are all my favorite songs from Aaliyah ~Valounda~

Yes.. Her Ears Were Pierce, In The "One In A Million" Video Her Belly Button/ Navel Had A Jewelry In It... But Idk If It Was Real.. I've Neva Seen Pics. Aaliyah Dana Haughton Jan.16 1979-Aug.25 2001 Aaliyah All Dai.!! Yah Dig.? -TBreezy

One Song was created on 1999-12-31.

One-Million-Liter Test Sphere was created in 1950.

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