When was The Red Spot created?

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The Red Spot was created in 2008.

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Q: When was The Red Spot created?
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What planet has a black spot on it when looking through a telescope?

That is the planet Jupiter. The black spot was created recently when a asteroid collided with it. Jupiter has a Great Red Spot created through storms. No planet has a black spot no mars has a giant red spot and mercury has the black spot

What is the color of the Great Red Spot?

The red spot is red and it is getting smaller.

How red is Jupiter's red spot?

3 times the size of earth there is also a little red spot and astronomers believe that the big red spot will eat up the little red spot.

Where is the great red spot?

The great red spot is on Jupiter .

Will Jupiter have a 2nd red spot?

Jupiter does have another red spot there is a little red spot about half the size as the great big spot cheers

What is the red spot on Neptune?

There is no red spot on Neptune. The Great Red Spot is on Jupiter. Neptune has the Great Dark Spot. See the related question below.

When was The Spot created?

The Spot was created in 1995.

Great Red Spot and great Dark Spot?

The Great Dark Spot is smaller then the red spot but the the dark spot is stronger. The red spot is bigger because jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system

What is the duration of The Red Spot?

The duration of The Red Spot is 1.37 hours.

Why do they call the spot on the sun the red spot?

You are mistaken. The red spot is on Jupiter, not the sun (and it actually is red in color, hence the name).

What planet has a red spot and what is that spot?

Jupetier has the red spot It is a common and extremely powerful storm on Jupiter

What planet is a great red spot?

Jupiter has the great red spot; Mars is the red planet

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