When was Willie Upshaw born?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Willie Upshaw was born on April 27, 1957, in Blanco, Texas, USA.

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Q: When was Willie Upshaw born?
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When and where was baseball player Willie Upshaw born?

Willie Upshaw was born April 27, 1957, in Blanco, TX, USA.

What is the birth name of Willie Upshaw?

Willie Upshaw's birth name is Willie Clay Upshaw.

How tall is Willie Upshaw?

Willie Upshaw is 6'.

What are baseball player Willie Upshaw's physical stats?

Willie Upshaw is 6 feet tall. He weighs 185 pounds. He bats left and throws left.

When was Grace Upshaw born?

Grace Upshaw was born in 1975.

When was Kelvin Upshaw born?

Kelvin Upshaw was born in 1963.

When was Orrin Upshaw born?

Orrin Upshaw was born in 1874.

When was Gene Upshaw born?

Gene Upshaw was born on August 15, 1945.

When was Cecil Upshaw born?

Cecil Upshaw was born on 1942-10-22.

When was Marvin Upshaw born?

Marvin Upshaw was born on 1946-11-22.

When was Courtney Upshaw born?

Courtney Upshaw was born on 1989-12-13.

When was William David Upshaw born?

William David Upshaw was born in 1866.