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It was so that the enemy couldn't gain sensitive information i.e. London has never been bombed.

But of course London has been bombed many times but you get the gist.

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Q: When was censorship of world war 2 letters introduced?
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Why was censorship introduced in World War 1?

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How and why was censorship introduced in Australia in World War 2?

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What is censorship in World War I?

Censorship is when the government crossed out parts of letters sent home so that information and negative thinking was not shown in England.

What did censorship mean to Australians in World War 2 and why was it introduced in Australia?

Censorship was necessary:-to prevent valuable information getting into enemy handsto prevent false impressions of Australia overseasto maintain high morale on the home front

Which of these was not a weapon introduced in World War 1?

Sonar was not introduced in World War 1.

How did censorship effect people in World War 1?

they loved it

Who was the head of the Office of Censorship in World War 2?

Byron Price

What did Australians think about the conscription and censorship in World War 2?

Australian's supported and implemented both conscription and censorship during WWII. They believed it was important in order to win the war.

Was there censorship in the Vietnam War?

Yes, military censorship existed in the Vietnam War. Military censorship helps hide important military information from becoming exposed to the enemy. Military information includes, but is not limited to, an ambush, night attack, or invasion. During the Second World War, censorship did not exist, though fortunately, the presence of the world's first atomic bomb was detected neither before nor after the bomb's creation. The Vietnam War was the first war to have censorship.

What has the author H F Stich written?

H. F. Stich has written: 'Postwar years of Germany 1945-1948' -- subject(s): Censorship, History, Postal service, World War, 1939-1945 'Civil and military censorship during World War II' -- subject(s): Censorship, History, Postal service, World War, 1939-1945

Why were letters censored in World War 1?

Letters were mainly censored so the soldiers dont reveal any information that could be valuable to enemys if they got their hands on it. Another main reason for the censorship that went on was that they did not want and details about the reality of war and how terrible it was to reach home because this could undermine the war effort.

What year were helmets introduced in World War 1?

They were introduced in 1916.

Was income tax introduced to Canada during World War I?

Yes, Income tax was introduced to Canada during World War 1. It was introduced to help pay for the costs of everything needed for the war.

When were drugs introduced?

introduced in 1901. and widely dispersed at the beginning of world war I

Which of these was not a weapon introduced in World War I?


What was the new machinery in World War 1?

The airplane was first introduced as a weapon of war during World War I

What war was the tank first introduced?

The first tanks were introduced on to the battlefield by the British in the First World War.

When were baby bonus introduced?

After the second world war.

Which of these was not aweapon introduced in World War 1?


In World War II what lighting war means?

The German's introduced 'lightning War' which the world came to call the "Blitzkrieg".

What tax was introduced in Canada during the world war 1?

how did the government finance world war one

Who introduced the idea of the World War 2 memorial to congress?

The idea of the World War 2 Memorial was introduced to Congress in 1987 by Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) at the suggestion of World War II veteran Roger Dubin.

What new foods were introduced in World War 2?


Who introduced martial technology during World War 1?

me me

What weapons were in introduced in World War 1?

tank and airplane