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Would need model name to answer.

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When was colt 22Lr serial number 37141 made?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features and markings.

Where can you find the serial number on a Colt stagecoach rifle?

If your Colt Stagecoach was made from 1965 - 1968 it will not have a serial number.

What is the age of a Colt rifle serial SLD25319?

What is the age of a Colt rifle serial SLD25319

What is the date of manufacture of colt lighying 22rifle serial 36888?

The Colt lighting .22 rifle with that serial number was made in 1899.

Can you shoot 45 colt ammo in a 45 long colt rifle?

a gunsmith needs to check both the ammo and rifle.

What is the manufacture date of a Colt AR15 model SP1 serial number SP192754?

What is the manufacture date of a Colt AR15 rifle serial number 192754 model SP1

What is date of manufacture for a colt lightning rifle with serial?

Need serial number to answer. Look it up at proofhouse.com

When was a colt lightning 22 serial number 35749 made?

1899 for a Colt lightning .22 mag rifle.

We have a Colt Lightning 22cal serial 75186 and are curious about the manufacture date of it please?

Colt lightning .22 rifle with that serial number was produced in 1903

When was colt serial number 135961 made?

Rifle, revolver, semi-automatic, or shotgun.

What is the date of a Colt serial number 185122?

You must state if it is a rifle, revolver, semi-automatic handgun, rifle or shotgun.

Colt lightning 22 cal serial number 46598 what is the manufactuer date year?

If it is a Colt lightming rifle it was made about 1900.

How old is a rifle?

Go to proofhouse .com with Colt serial number to find the date of manufacture.

What year is colt lightning serial number 56927?

For the .22 rifle, 1901 & for the .32,.38.& .44 rifle it would be 1891.If you have a colt lightning revolver,it was produced in 1886.

How old is colt rifle serial number le 005651?

Please supply the model number or name to get a answer to your question.

When was your Colt Official Police 22 long rifle pistol serial number 1478 made?

A Colt official police caliber.22 with the serial number 1478 was made in the first year of production ,1930.

What is the value of a colt 22 rifle serial number 14373?

Proofhouse.com has sn tables you can look it up on.

When was the Colt 22 short serial number 32317 D built?

Need to know if it is a derringer or rifle.

When was colt 22 long rifle serial number made 42743?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description.

What is date of manufacture of colt lightning rifle with serial number 70174?

1902 for the .22rf lightning rifle and 1893 for .32,.38 & .44 cal lightning rifle.

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