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In 1950, the Bank of America (then the largest bank in the world) asked SRI to assess the possibility of developing electronic computers that could take over the labor-intensive banking tasks of handling checks and balancing accounts. The creation of branch offices and the rapidly increasing number of checks being used by a growing clientele threatened to overwhelm the existing manual processing and record keeping. At that time, no large-scale electronic machine for any bank was under development -- existing computers were used mostly for scientific calculations. They were unreliable, and had extremely limited input and output capability. In spite of this, SRI's feasibility study, issued in May 1951, was sufficiently encouraging for the Bank of America to authorize a major multi-year development effort. We now take for granted the many ways that computers assist individuals and businesses. The 50-plus-year-old project briefly described here provided a vision of what business could expect from the application of data-processing machines, and illustrates how and why some of the key capabilities were invented, including bookkeeping, optical character recognition (OCR or scanning), and robotic document sorting. The automated teller machine (ATM) is the natural descendant of this work, and illustrates the progression away from paper checks toward all electronic banking.

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banking you do in person at the branch and electronic banking is done via internet, mobile banking platforms.

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Legal implication of electronic banking in Nigeria

Conventional banking and electronic banking?

Conventional banking is a person walking into a bank and talking to another person . Electronic banking is doing all of your banking needs online or on your phone.

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The disadvantages of electronic banking are that there may be security concerns when banking online. There also is less customer service if you encounter a problem with your account.

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Electronic channels refers to all the service innovations that is presently taking place in the service delivery part of banking industry. It may include ATMs, online banking or electronic banking and so on.

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in 1866

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what is meaning of concentional banking. why it exist? what advantages of it

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