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Actual price when it was .99 was in 1990.

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What year was gas at 99 cents in Mississippi?

The last time gas was 99 cents in Mississippi was at the end of 2001 to the beginning of 2002

What was the price of a gallon of gas in 1946?

$ .99 cents a gallon

When was gas 99 cents a gallon in Pennsylvannia?

i remember it was like 1997-98 year it was 99 cents everywhere.. 85 cents was the lowest i seen around the time Hurricane Georges hit.

What is 99 cent as a percent?

99 cents as a percent of 100 cents is 99%.

How much is 99 cents in Euros?

€1 = 100 cents. So 99 cents is 99/100 of a Euro.

When was gas 99 cents a gallon in Pennsylvania?

Mid summer 1998 to spring 1999.....

What year was gas prices at 99 cents per gallon in Houston Texas?

1998 to 1999

What were the average gas prices in 2008?

around 2.90 a gal. gas during the mid 90's was .99 cents a gal.

If gas anti-freeze is 3 cans for 99 cents and a customer wanted only two how much would you charge him?

66 cents

What is the cost of a gallon of gas in 1997?

The cost of gas was around .99 cents I remember because a pack of Camels went to a dollar too.

Why is a 99 ice cream called a 99?

its 99 cents

How much tax in California is on a gallon of gas?

Tax is 63.9 cents per gallon. Of that amount 18.4 cents is Federal Tax.

What were California gas prices in 1978?

That's what I wanted to know? 60 cents a gallon?

What did a gallon of regular gas cost in Southern California in 1969?

.35 cents a gallon

How much is 95 dollars 99 cents in English money?

how much is 99 cents in English money

How much is a normal gas bill?

well now its around $3.90 and $4.20 but before it used to be 99 cents and $1.50

Why is everything whatever dollars and 99 cents?

when people hear 99 cents they think it's cheaper. It is psychology.

How much is a song for a ipod?

$ 0.99 a song and $1.99 for a video If you buy a song from the iTunes store, then it costs 99 cents If you buy a song from the iTunes store, then it costs 99 cents If you buy a song from the iTunes store, then it costs 99 cents If you buy a song from the iTunes store, then it costs 99 cents

What can you get on iTunes for 64 cents?

Nothing. The cheapest song is .99 cents.

Salaries at 99 cent store?

.99 cents per hour¿?

How many coins will make 99 cents?


If gas line anti-freeze is 3 cans for 99 cents how much does 2 cans cost?

That depends on whether you are getting a discount for buying 3 cans at a time, If not; 99/3=33 33*2=66 sixty six cents

How much does Taco Bell charge for a taco?

Crunchy Tacos- 99 Cents eachSoft Tacos- 99 Cents each

What actors and actresses appeared in 99 Cents - 2007?

The cast of 99 Cents - 2007 includes: Wanru Tseng as Wanru

How do you write 99 cents in decimal form?

$0.99 * * * * * I disagree. The above answer is 99 hundredths of a dollar. That happens to be 99 cents but what if the question were in terms of Euro-cents? The decimal form is simply a way of representing a number - irrespective of how it might look in other units UNLESS the question specifies that the decimal form should be in the context of the other unit (dollar, Euro or whatever). Therefore, the correct answer is that 99 cents, in decimal form is simply 99 cents.