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It was used in the middle ages by monks!


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Firstly choose a letter, from a manuscript. The second and most important step after that to create illuminated manuscript lettering, requires the use of some equipment. Grab a torch, turn the lights off, stand back from your chosen letter and shine away....

Freestyle lettering is lettering that looks like what it says. eg. BALL would be in the shape of a ball. Different to other styles, free style lettering is not usually used in writing though used for advertisement. :)

H or hb is used for lettering in ed

Before the printing press and even for sometime after, religious material had to be printed by hand. There were those who had a talent for illustrative and artistic penmanship, or, creating pain text in to illuminated text which is a word for the illustrative and artistic lettering.

It is used for decoration

Lettering refers to the font or type style or hand written letters. Here is an example of the word used in a sentence. The teacher did not like the lettering style used in the textbook because some student with dyslexia had problems reading that type style. Donna could do perfect lettering form with artist pens.

Lettering is the art of making letters with the use of drawing or lettering instruments.... Lettering is the art of making letters with the use of drawing or lettering instruments....

For decorative purposes in books.

meaning of principle of lettering

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the sun illuminated the sky. I illuminated the picture frame with gold.

They used graphics which were known as hieroglyphics

noun, as in the lettering on the sign was Chinese.

it is illuminated by the sun

lettering the act or process of inscribing with or making letters.

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Most lettering on a coin is raised. Incuse lettering, usually on the edge, is either stamped, hammered or impressed into the coin.

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Technical lettering is a style of hand lettering used by architects and draftsmen. The lettering was very stylized, and anyone who took a drafting class had to learn this writing style. With the movement from hand drawn plans to computerized drawing programs fonts have been created in this style. Different font foundries have different names for them but a few are 'Technical', 'Architect' and 'Marker Felt'.

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