When was nunavut founded?


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Nunavut, Canada was founded on July 9th 1999 and Iqaluit was made capital of the new territory

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Nunavut. It was founded on April 1st 1999.

Nunavut. It was founded on April 1st, 1999.

Nunavut is called Nunavut because in the langueges they speak Nunavut means our land.

Yukon is a territory, but not territories. It's capital is Whitehorse.It is one of Canada's 3 territories:YukonNorthwest TerritoriesNunavutNunavut is a relatively new territory, founded in 1999.

Nunavut is a Territory of Canada.Nunavut is a territory in Canada

Not really Nakasuk founded Iqaluit, the capital city, so he/she must be farily famous

Baker Lake is in the middle of Nunavut.And Nunavut is in Canada

No. Nunavut is in the Arctic.

Nunavut is within Canadaâ??s territory. The capital of Nunavut is Iqaluit. The meaning of the word Nunavut is â??Our Landâ??.

No, there is no nice weather in Nunavut, except for south Nunavut which is okay in the summer.

they live in Nunavut water. and if your wondering where Nunavut is its in Nunavut

The Motto of Nunavut (which means 'Our Land'), written in Inuktitut and translates as Nunavut Sanginivut, means 'Nunavut, Our Strength'.

Manitoba is directly south of Nunavut. Northwest Territories is a territory that is to the west of Nunavut but is south of some areas of Nunavut.

Nunavut is 2,093,190 km2

nakasuk he was the founder of Nunavut

No. Nunavut is a territory of Canada.

There isn't a such thing as a state in Canada, they have 10 provinces & 3 territories, no states. The US and other countries have states. Nunavut is a territory of Canada it was recently founded by the splitting of the North West Territories (a territory in Canada) into two separate territories.

The food in Nunavut are the meat and fish that people in Nunavut hunt for. And sometimes they eat seals.

The population of Nunavut is 35,944 as of 2016.

What is spring like in Nunavut?

Why isn't Nunavut a province?

the square mile of nunavut

Nunavut is the northernmost and the largest territory of Canada.

Nunavut was established on April !st in 1999

Nunavut is larger than Quebec.

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