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Q: When was odour added to natural gas in the UK?
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What is pressure of UK natural gas?

The incoming pressure of natural gas in the UK is somewhere between 19-23 mbar.

What is the main natural resorce in UK?

Oil and gas are the only natural resources left and both of them are off shore and not actually in the UK.

What is the leading natural resource in the UK?

North Sea oil and gas

What is the British spelling of ODOR?

The UK, AU and NZ spelling of 'odor' is 'odour'.

What fuels are used to generate electricity in the UK?

Coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear

Is natural gas burning in a stove physical or chemical changeexamples?

It is a chemical change. Natural gas (UK) is a mixture containing principally methane. CH4 + 2O2 -> CO2 + 2H2O

What are the UKs resources?

The Natural Resources in the UK in addition to the wildlife are: * North Sea oil * Natural gas * Coal * Wood products * Land cover * Ground water Oil and gas reserves in the UK have been estimated at 2.8 billion tons, but this includes estimates that have not yet been proven for the UK continental shelf. Only 0.5 billion tons have been proven.

How much of the UK's electricity is made by fossil fuels?

47% is natural gas, 28% is coal (2010 figures).

How is natural gas used in the UK?

Natural gas is used primarily for heating our homes in the winter months. It is also used to heat water and to wash clothes. Another use for natural gas is to fuel many vehicles, such as garbage trucks and transit buses. It is becoming a much more popular form of vehicle fuel.