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The first form of perfume was incense. Incense was first discovered by the Mesopotamians about 4,000 years ago. Ancient cultures burned many kinds of resins, bums and woods at their religious ceremonies. They often soaked the fragrant woods and resins in water and oil, and rubbed their bodies with the liquid. They also embalmed the dead with these perfumes.

you can find more information here: they have a long article about the history of perfume

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Q: When was perfume invented?
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Why was perfume invented?

The perfume was invented because Women in the early ages put on white make-up on their faces everyday, because of this their skin began to rot but to hide the smell they invented perfume.

Who invented perfume?

By David

Who was the first person who invented perfume?


What did estee lauder invent?

She invented perfume and make-up.

Who was the first Egyptian to try the perfume?

i just know that the Egyptian dude invented the perfume and gave it to someone. the perfume was called''the lily'' or ''the lily pad''. i just know that it has to do with lily.Answeri just know that the Egyptian dude invented the perfume and gave it to someone. the perfume was called''the lily'' or ''the lily pad''. i just know that it has to do with lily.

What is the purpose of perfume?

Perfume was probably invented back when ladies didn't take showers on a daily basis, and they used it to cover up their "scent".

Is there organic perfume that's been invented?

Yes, organic perfume is just flowers. if you can extract oil from a flower you can make a perfume. When it says organic its just meaning something that you can find in nature and why not flowers.

Who invented body spray?

Johann Mari Farina invented perfume and cologne in Cologne, German. She invented it in 1709, and was made of fruit oils and herbs.

What did elizabeth arden the famous scientist invent?

She invented her own perfume. It is named after her.

What does perfume plus water plus perfume equals?

perfume plus water plus perfume equals perfume+water+perfume.

What is the Spanish word for perfume?

Perfume = el perfume

What is the year once perfume was invented?

1967 charot,,,,,,ambot ah.......PANGITA A LNG

What is the other name for perfume?

Another name for perfume is scent. Colognes are not perfume, they are formulations that may contain perfume.

What is the difference between perfume and perfume testers?

Perfume is what you buy from a store and it makes you smell nice. Perfume testers is what you can "test" in the store to see if you like the scent of the perfume. Perfume testers are really perfume bottles that simply don't have the packaging and that is their industry nickname!

Is there a perfume that smells like OP Blend?

Perfume Emporium and ocean perfume

Who is Cerruti perfume produced for?

Cerruti perfume is produced for men who want good-smelling and perfect perfume. In addition, women can enjoy Cerruti perfume for good smell and perfect perfume.

How do you say perfume in Arabic?


What minerals are in perfume?

what minerals are in perfume

What is the hypothesis in making a perfume?


What perfume is made in france?

Here are some: Floral perfume and Men's challenge perfume.

What is the ''perfume hoax ''?

A perfume hoax is a ingredent in th perfume that makes it smell good.

What is a perfume cone?

a perfume cone is a come that keeps perfume in it usually used by women.

Is it correct to say loud perfume or strong perfume?

It is correct to say strong perfume.

What is the difference between the perfume and perfume tester?

There is no difference between the two. The perfume tester is simply a spray of the perfume onto a piece of tester paper.

What is the difference between toilettle perfume and perfume?

The concentration of the oils. Eau de Toilette is far less perfume concentrates than perfume. Perfume can have 15-40% perfume concentrates while Eau de toilette has only 1-6% perfume concentrates. The scent is therefor a lot lighter and doesn't last as long in the Eau de toilette than in the perfume.