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David Rizzio was killed on 9 March 1566.

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Q: When was queen marys secrataryr Rizzio killed?
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Who was Mary queen of scotts Italian boyfriend?

David Rizzio was a musician to Mary, Queen of Scots. Her husband, Lord Darnley, was jealous of their friendship and had Rizzio killed in front of the queen, who was pregnant at the time. There is no proof that Rizzio was Mary's lover or boyfriend.

Who killed queen Mary's secretary Rizzio?

Mary's Wife Lord Darnley

How many times did David Rizzio get Stabbed?

David Rizzio was stabbed 56 times by henchmen hired by Lord Darnley, the second husband of Mary Queen of Scots.

Did lord darnley have a plot to murder david rizzio?

There is historical speculation that Lord Darnley may have been involved in the murder plot against David Rizzio, as Darnley was unhappy with Rizzio's close relationship with Mary, Queen of Scots. However, concrete evidence linking Darnley to the plot is lacking.

Who was Mary Stuarts secretery?

Mary I, Queen of Scots had a number of secretaries, the most famous was David Rizzio.

Who was Mary Queen of Scots secretary?

David rizzio and Mary of Scots were close due to the fact he was her secertary

What is queen Marys mothers name?

Queen Mary's mother was Anne Bolyne.

Why did the spanish armada battle?

because Queen Elizabeth choped marys head off!

How did Queen Mary effect American history?

You have to be a bit more specific, there are several "Queen Marys" did you mean Mary I of England who ruled from 1516-1558, Mary Queen of Scots who ruled Scotland from 1542-1587 or did you mean Mary II of England who ruled from 1662-1694? Without knowing which of the 3 "Queen Marys" you want, it is impossible to answer your question.

Did marys cosin become queen of England?

It was Mary, Queen of Scots, daughter of James V of Scotland who had a cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth 1 of England.

Who had the queen killed in Shakespeare's time?

Queen Elizabeth I arranged to have her cousin Queen Mary of Scotland killed in 1578, when Shakespeare was fourteen. This is the only queen who was killed at this time.

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