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slavery was first founded in 1749.

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Who was the man that founded slavery?

Slavery was not founded, it has been around since ancient times (much more than 5000 years).

Who founded the American Anti-Slavery Society?

William Lloyd Garrison founded the American Anti-Slavery Society early in the 19th century.

Why was slavery tolerated when the US was founded?

Slavery was tolerated at the founding of the United States because some of the most powerful of the States were slave states and would not agree to abolition of slavery. If slavery had not been tolerated, the country would not have been founded in the first place

When was the American Anti-Slavery Society founded?

The American Antislavery Society was founded in 1833.

Which radical abolitionist founded the American Anti-Slavery Society and owned the newspaper the Liberators which reflected extremist anti-slavery views?

William Lloyd Garrison founded the American Anti-Slavery Society.

What is the organization founded by William Lloyd garrison to press the crusade against slavery?

The American Anti-Slavery Society .

Who founded the anti slavery society?

William Lloyd Garrison founded the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1833.Garrison was one of the country's leading abolitionists who, in addition to founding the American Anti-Slavery Society, published an antislavery newspaper, The Liberator.

What year did slavery ends in the US and the Ku Klux Klan is founded?

The Thirteenth Amendment, which ended slavery in the United States, was ratified in 1865. The Ku Klux Klan was founded the same year.

Who founded the Anti-Slavery Society?

Willima Lloyd Garrison

Why was the Republican Party founded?

to end slavery from spreading to the western territories.

Who's a famous white person against slavery?

Abraham Lincoln who founded the Emancipation Proclamation to stop slavery Abe Lincoln

What was the Garrisonian abolitionist organization founded in 1833?

the American Anti-Slavery Society

What did John wesley do?

John Wesley founded Methodism and fought to abolish slavery.

Anti slavery reformers founded what society in 1817?

American Colonization Society

When slavery was allowed in the south?

Since 1607 when Christopher Columbus founded America

How long after the liberator was the american anti-slavery society founded?

in 1833

Who founded the American anti slavery society in 1833?

William Lloyd Garrison

Which of the following religious groups strongly supported the abolition of slavery and founded the world's first anti-slavery society in 1775?


Why did the Pennsylvania colony have slavery?

It didn't. Pennsylvania was founded by Quakers and they were against slavery. They were also the first colony to make a pact with the Native Americans.

Why was slavery a paradox in the united staes?

It went against the ideals of freedom on which the nation was founded.

What Were William Lloyd Garrisons Major Accomplishments?

He was a famous abolitionist as well as journalist and social reformer. He was an editor of The Liberator, and a founder of the American Anti-slavery Society. He was also very supportive of the women's suffrage movement. He was a writer and coeditor for Genuis of Universal Emancipation newspaper in Baltimore, Maryland. He founded the Liberator, which was a weekly anti-slavery newspaper. founded the New England Anti Slavery Society. The next year, he co-founded the American Anti-Slavery Society.

Who founded Tuskegee institute and wrote the autobiography up from slavery?

Booker T. Washington

What party was founded in 1854 and its members were strongly opposed to the expansion of slavery into the territories?

The Republicans

What event introduced Christianity to slaves?

Slavery existed both in the Judean culture and in the Roman Empire where Christianity was founded. Christianity knew about slavery from the moment of its inception.

What two African countries were founded as a home for people freed from slavery?

I know of one, Liberia.