Bankruptcy Law

When was the 10 year bankruptcy law signed into effect If you filed in 2000 and the law was effective in 2001 are you subject to the ten year ruling?

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August 08, 2009 2:49PM

The new bankruptcy laws have nothing to do with the length of time a debt or bankruptcy remains on a credit report. BK info, as a matter of Federal Court records, is available almost indefinitely Virtually all credit reports from the major credit agencies will report it for 10 years from discharge, in their normal format of standard reports. As information services, a longer, or shorter time period may be requested and provided, depending on what the requester wants to pay for. (A 3 year report costs less...and provides less, but may be adequate for that person/Cos purpose). The laws for refiling Bankruptcy were changed in 2005...and that depends on types in question, and again the new law applies to all. See the Q; "How many times or when can you file bankruptcy again in any state or place"