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It was compiled quite a bit before the 4th century, but that is the oldest surviving copy. The "Tanakh", which is the Hebrew Bible is the original version and our modern Bible is based on that.

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Q: When was the Bible compiled?
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Where does it talk about Saint Christopher in the bible?

Saint Christopher lived after the Bible was compiled so is not mentioned in it.

Who compiled the books in the bible into one single book?

God did

Who compiled the first Bible?

The bible that is used by the Christians, that is the old and new testaments, was put together by the Catholic church.

What year was it is it before the Bible?

Any year before about 400 AD. Most of the bible was compiled around that time

Who wrote the first half of the bible?

No one person. It was compiled from many stories.

What year was first Bible used in a church?

Our small group wondered who compiled the first Bible and when was the first time it was used in a church?

In which year did the Catholic Church compile the first Bible?

The first complete Bible containing all the Books we have in it today was compiled by Athanasius of Alexandria in 367 A.D.

Why does the Bible contain so many literary forms?

The "Bible" is not one book, but many. It was compiled from writings that had religious, cultural, and historical significance over many centuries.

Is it grammatically correct to say a compiled pictures of you?

"A compiled pictures of you" is not grammatical.You could say:I compiled pictures of you.The compiled pictures of you.

When was the book of genisis written?

Most scholars agree that the Hebrew Bible was composed and compiled between the 12th and the 2nd century BC

What happened to the teachings of Jesus after his death?

4 of his disciples compiled them into the Gospel in the Bible. All of them carried the message of Christ throughout the world.

When did the Koran come before the bible or after?

After, The Qur'an was written about 650 years after the last books of the Bible were compiled. This is the reason for some of the apparently similar (although differing) accounts of Jesus, Mary, Adam.. in the Qur'an.

What is older the Bible or Koran?

The Bible is by far the older book with the earliest books possibly being written about 1446 BC and 1406 BC, whereas the Koran was compiled sometime in the 7th century AD.

IS precious Bible promises by Samuel Clarke copyrighted?

PRECIOUS BIBLE PROMISES; compiled by Samuel Clarke, D.D. (1684-1759) This web site says NO Copyrights. It is Free for Anyone to copy and use. As written in the Bible, "Freely you have Received, Freely Give"

Who compiled The Bible?

The bible was compiled around 325AD by Emperor Constantine and his hand picked bishops to unionize the christian church and make it a single hierarchy in order to unify the people once again and keep the empire under control.They decided which books of the bible would be considered sacred and which would be considered forbidden (banned books)Constantine also made Christianity legal, his predecessor, Emperor Theodosius, made it manditory by outlawing all non-christian religions around 391ADThe bible was compiled to strengthen the Roman Empire... good job Jesus.p.s.The idea of a belief in god or Jesus is no different in believing Jim Jonesis your savior.

Is 2nd john is the 24th book of the new testament?

The compilers of the Bible are not that certain as to what order the Books should have been placed. It was only by the events of each book was the present bible compiled. (King James Version).

Does every programming language have its own compiler?

No. Some languages are interpreted, not compiled.No. Some languages are interpreted, not compiled.No. Some languages are interpreted, not compiled.No. Some languages are interpreted, not compiled.

Is COBOL compiled?

Yes COBOL is a compiled language.

Why weren't Joseph smiths revelations ever in the bible?

The bible was compiled in the first century AD. Joseph Smith was born in 1805. Now if you think about it very hard you should eventually come to realize that the bible was completed long before Joseph Smith was born.

When did the old testament begin with scripture reference?

It is unclear what this question is asking. The first book in the Bible is Genesis, so Gen. 1:1 is where the Bible begins. If you are asking when the Bible was first compiled in its first forms, there is still much scholarly debate on the subject. The Bible does not date itself though. (I.e. The Bible does not say "Copyright 1294 BCE".)

What are ten books in the Bible that were written by people?

They all were written by people. Some were written by people who were told what to write by God. Some are accounts of the Lords people and whomever compiled the first bible saw fit to add them.

Who wroth the book of history in the bible?

There is no book called the Book of History within the Bible. The Bible was compiled from many books written by many authors in the centuries after the death of Christ. Books such as Paul, Ezekiel, Luke and Matthew were composed by their namesakes with amendments and abridgments by later scholars.

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I compiled my report from three sources.

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Disassemble, disperse, scatter are antonyms of compiled

What was the first Bible text?

The first book of the Bible to be written in much the same format as we have today, is believed to be Deuteronomy, which was compiled around 622 BCE - during the reign of King Josiah - by an anonymous author, now known as the Deuteronomist.