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its between 1815-and-1850

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Q: When was the Canadian border established?
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What established the border between Canada and the US?

Various committees, none of which had fair Canadian representation.

Why was the 49th parallel chosen for the US-Canada border?

The Rush-Bagot Convention of 1817 established the 49th parallel as the U.S.-Canadian border from Minnesota to the Rocky Mountains.

What Canadian provinces border Illinois?

No Canadian provinces border Illinois

When was the Canadian flag established?

The present Canadian flag was established in 1965.

Is whyoming on the Canadian border of the US?

No, Wyoming is not on the Canadian Border. Wyoming is south of Minnesota.

How many states touch the Canadian border?

There are eleven states that touch the Canadian border.

What Canadian provinces does Illinois border?

Illinois does not share a border with any Canadian province.

How far is potsdam ny to the Canadian border?

how far is Potsdam ny from the canadian border

How many Canadian provinces share a border with the US?

there are 8 Canadian Providences that border the U.S.A.

What is the shortest distance in miles from Canadian border to Mexican border?

The shortest distance between the Canadian border and the Mexican border is 2,253.37 miles. This is equivalent to 3,626.45 kilometers.

What Canadian Territory and Canadian Province border Alaska?

Yukon Territory and British Columbia border Alaska.The territory and province that border Alaska is the Canadian territory of Yukon and British Columbia respectively.

What are the requirements for a 19 year old to cross the Canadian border?

You require a valid Passport to cross the Canadian border.

How many Canadian provinces does North Dakota border?

There are two Canadian provinces which border North Dakota: Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

What two Canadian provinces border New York?

Quebec and Ontario are the two Canadian provinces that border New York.

How far is Fargo ND from the Canadian border?

Fargo is about 250 km (160 miles) from the Canadian border at Emerson, Manitoba.

What is the distance between Stowe Vermont and the Canadian border?

The distance between Stowe, Vermont, and the Canadian border is about 50 miles.

What were established to assimilate aboriginal children into Canadian society?

Residential Schools were established to assimilate aboriginal children into Canadian society

The date when the Canadian museum of civilization established?

The Canadian Museum of Civilization was established in 1989. Before then it was called the Museum of Man.

When was Canadian Opera Company established?

When was Canadian Opera Company established - 1950 and the links below will provide further information.

What three Canadian Provinces does Montana Border?

Montana shares its northern border with the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

What Canadian provinces border Montana?

There are three Canadian provinces that border Montana. These include British Colombia, Alberta, as well as Saskatchewan. Alberta share all of its border with Montana.

What Canadian provinces border both North Dakota and Minnesota?

The Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario border North Dakota and Minnesota.

What is the name of the border that borders Canada for about 560 miles?

The border that borders Canada is called the Canadian border.

Webster-Ashburton Treaty established the border of what eastern state?

The Webster-Ashburton Treaty established the border between Maine and Canada.

What Canadian Territory and Canadian Province border Saskatchewan?

North West Territories