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Enola Gay was built by the Glenn L. Martin Company, under contract from Boeing, in Omaha, Nebraska. The B-29 was delivered to the USAAF on May 18, 1945.

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Q: When was the Enola Gay built?
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Where was the enola gay built?

it was in Mexico that was built.

Why was enola gay called enola gay?

The Pilot of the Enola Gay had the privilege of naming it. He named it after his mother, Enola Gay Tibbits. The pilot was named Paul Tibbits. He is now deceased.

Who is invented the enola gay plane?

It was a B29 Super-fortress built by Boeing.

How is the Enola Gay built?

The standard B-29 Superfortress was built by Boeing in a factory. It was then taken to Omaha Nebraska and modified to drop the atom bomb this model like the Enola Gay was called a B-29 Silverplate Superfotress.

Who was the Capitan of Enola Gay?

Paul Tibbets was the captain of the Enola Gay.

Who was it named after the enola gay?

Enola Gay was named after the mother of the Hiroshima pilot Lieut Col. Paul Tibbets (Enola Gay Haggard)

What were the effects of the enola gay?

Enola gay was the name of the bomber in WW2 that dropped a nuke. So i guess a massive casualty list was the effect of the enola gay

Which bomb did the Enola Gay drop?

The bomb that the Enola Gay dropped was the Little Boy

Where did the enola gay drop a bomb?

The Enola Gay dropped the bomb on the city of Hiroshima

How long is enola gay?

The Enola Gay is a B-29, and it is 99 feet long.

How did enola gay die?

The Enola gay is being showed at the Smithsonian storage facility.

Is there a swastika painted on the Enola Gay?

No there is no swatiska on the Enola Gay. It served in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

When was Enola Gay - song - created?

Enola Gay - song - was created on 1980-09-26.

What was enola gays full name?

That's it, the Enola Gay.

How did the Enola Gay get its name?

Enola Gay was the mother of the pilot, Col. Paul W. Tibbets, Jr.

Where did the name Enola Gay come from?

The pilot of that B-29 was Paul Tebbets. "Enola Gay" was his mother's name.

Paul Tibbets named the plane in honor of?

The 'Enola Gay' was named in honor of Enola Gay Tibbets, his mother.

How was the Enola Gay atomic bomb made?

The Enola Gay wasn't the atomic bomb. That honor goes to Little Boy and Fat Man. The Enola Gay was the plane specially created to drop the atomic bombs :)

Where can you find pictures of The Enola Gay?

You can find pictures of The Enola Gay by browsing the sites listed in the "Related Links" section of this answer.

What was plane Enola gay?

'Enola Gay' was the name of the B-29 Superfortress which dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan. The pilot of 'Enola Gay', Col. Paul W. Tibbets, Jr., named the aircraft after his mother.

Was Enola Gay related to the Manhatten Project?

The Enola Gay was related in the sense that it dropped an atomic bomb which was the product of the Manhattan Project .

What air force base did the Enola Gay take off from?

The Enola Gay took off from Walker Field at Roswell, New Mexico

Where did the enola gay plane fly from in?

The Enola Gay took off from the island of Tinian in the Northern Marshall Islands for its historic bombing mission.

Who painted the enola gay?

The Enola Gay was painted by the crew men of that B29 and some of the men who served under Colonel Paul Tibbits.

What was the name of the aircraft that dropped the enola gay bomb?

Enola gay was the name of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb called little boy.