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The Great Depression

It began in the wake of the Stock Market crash of October 1929 and lasted until at least 1933. The end varied somewhat from country to country, and there is some disagreement as to when it ended in the US.

Programs to address the Depression began in earnest in 1933 after the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But the after-effects continued until World War II in 1941.

The Great Depression was a massive global economic recession (or "depression") that ran from 1929 to 1941. It led to massive bank failures, high unemployment, as well as dramatic drops in GDP, industrial production, stock market share prices and virtually every other measure of economic growth. It bottomed out in 1932-33, but it was well after World War II before such indicators as industrial production, share prices and global GDP could surpass their 1929 levels.

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Q: When was the Great Depression?
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