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The Statue of Liberty was built on October 28, 1886

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Q: When was the Statue of Liberty created?
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When was Statue of Liberty National Monument created?

Statue of Liberty National Monument was created in 1924.

Where did the Statue of Liberty get its name?

The Statue of Liberty was created by Frederic Bartholdi, who named it 'Liberty Enlightening the World'. This name was later shortened to the Statue of Liberty.

Workers on Statue os liberty?

There were many people that created the Statue of Liberty. The workers that worked on the Statue of Liberty are Edouard de Laboulaye and Auguste Bartholdi.

Who created the statue of liberty?

Frederic Bartholdi

What famous statue was created by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi?

he created the statue of liberty on october 28,1886

Man who created Statue of Liberty?

Frédéric_Bartholdi is the guy who designed the Statue of Liberty.

Who created and build the statue of liberty?

Federic bartholdi

Who is the man who created the statue of liberty?

Gustave Eiffel

Why is the Statue of Liberty called the Statue of Liberty?

the statue of liberty is a statue and liberty means freedom so you could call it statue of freedom. it represents the USA freedom and that why it call the statue of liberty.

Where is the first Statue of Liberty?

Answer:Most people will automatically say that the first Statue of Liberty is in New York, however this is not the case. The first Statue of Liberty was created and placed in The Luxembourg Garden in Paris. This is a much smaller version of the statue and was created and perfected shortly before the creation of the Statue of Liberty in New York. The only true Statues of Liberty in the world among the hundreds are The Luxembourg Garden, New York Harbor and a third statue within close proximity to the Eiffel Tower________________________________________________________________The Statue of Liberty was given to New York by Paris. Yes the 1st statue was created in Paris it was a African woman with changes in her hand.

What is meant your Statue of Liberty?

liberty statue

What is a summary of the Statue of Liberty?

why did we get the statue of liberty

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