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When was the answering machine invented?


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An answering machine, also known as an answerphone (especially in the UK and some Commonwealth countries), and sometimes/formerly ansaphone or ansafone or telephone answering device (TAD), is a device invented in 1935, by Benjamin Thornton, and independently in Switzerland by Willy Mueller.


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Mr. Willy Müller invented the first automatic answering machine in 1935.

kazuo hashimoto invented it in 1993

Willy Muller invented the first automatic answering machine in 1935. It used technology invented from Valdemar Poulsen in 1898 who invented a machine to record and play telephone conversations.

The first voice recording equipment called a telegraphone was invented in 1898 by a Danish inventor named Valdemar Pouisen. Read more: The History of the Answering Machine |

Why? Because no-one invented it before?!By the way, Willy Mueller in Switzerland also invented it at the same time.

Answering Machine Music was created in 1999.

Yes it does include an answering machine.

The digital answering machine was invented in 1991 Paste this link to find out more...

Michel Medawar of Beriut, Lebanon. He also invented the clock and the flower talking clock.

How do I transfer a voice on answering machine to a recorder

An answering machine is simply a machine. A robot is also a machine, but it is capable of many complicated, self directed activities that are programmed into it.

An answering machine is a device which automatically records voice mail from unanswered telephone calls.

Yes, the TalkToMe app will allow your answering machine save the messages to a computer.

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No the Unidon phone answering machine would not be compatible with voip services.The phone may work with voip service but the answering machine wont. No voip service is compatible with any answering machine because voip has built in voice mail and an answer machine can't pick up.

Usually because it is set to pick up the phone line after the same number of rings as the answering machine...

You can't record music on your digital answering machine because the song is to long and the machine doesn't have that much memory.

The digital answering machine was invented in 1992 and became popular very quickly. The smart pill was also invented during this year. This was the first controlled release pill.

No, there is not a cordless phone that can save answering machine messages to your computer.

I assume you are at home to make this choice. You can always get the message correct with an answering machine, but then that means you don't answer your phone. The answering machine is your only if you are away from home.

Many phones today come with the answering machine already built in. When a caller leaves a message, the voice becomes a stream of bytes. Inside the answering machine, there is a microcontroller that digitizes the message the caller left. An analog-to-digital converter makes the voice digital. The digital answering machine uses solid state memory storage. The digitalized message is stored in low-power RAM (Random Access Memory). When a message is left on an answering machine and digitized into bytes of data, it is stored at a specific address in RAM. When the owner plays back his messages, the microcontroller reads the bytes from RAM and sends them through a digital-to-analog converter. Then the owner of the answering machine hears the caller's voice and message through the speakers. When the owner deletes a message, other messages are still available and will be played in order. This is because RAM is a high-speed memory device. The microcontroller moves up the other messages into freed-up space when a previous message is deleted. Kazuo Hashimoto invented the digital answering machine in 1983. It was called the Automatic Digital Telephone Answering Device. An answering machine is also commonly referred to as an answerphone or telephone answering device (TAD). The owner records a greeting that is played when the answering machine answers a phone call, and the answering machine can be set to answer after a certain number of rings. Another common feature of digital answering machines is that the owner can remotely check his messages by calling home and keying in a code.

voicemail is a service you have to subscribe to to your service provider while you don't need to do this for an answering machine.

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There are many different things that were invented in the 90's. Some of these things include the digital answering machine, the smart pill, a Pentium processor, and Web TV.

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