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Taking the question to mean a working airplane, not a mere drawing or model, it would be that of the Wright Brothers in 1903, flown at Kitty Hawk, NC.

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Where was the first biplane invented?

your house

Who invented the first biplane?

the wright brothers

Did the wright brothers only invent the airplane?

No they invented the biplane as well

What does biplane mean?

a biplane is a aircralt with 2 wings

Who invented the biplane?

It was invented by wright brothersANS 2Dozens of people had built and flown biplanes for very short distances before the Wright brothers.

What do you call an monoplanes with two sets of wings?

a biplaneBiplane

When was the first biplane invented?

Wright Bros. Pattern of "03- First successful flight l2.l7.03 popularily but erroneously called the (Kitty hawk) that was the test site. Craft is correctly the Wright Flyer or Pattern of l903. Two Wrights made a Biplane. The first documented successful flight of a biplane was by the Wright Brothers in 1903. However, the concept of the biplane had been around longer this. Many competing designers were working on biplane designs and building them before this. It's hard to pin down when the very first one was built. But you should credit the Wright Flyer as the first successful biplane.

How do you use the word biplane in a sentence?

Bi means two so biplane is a plane with two wings.U can use it like this- I went to Florida in a Biplane.Biplane are much better then cars.

How do you use the world biplane in a sentence?

A wing walker is much more impressive while atop the wing of a biplane. I want a biplane.

Is a biplane aerodynamic?

Yes, a biplane is very aerodynamic,with lots of 'lift'

How many wings on a biplane?

Two wings, lower and upper on a biplane.

What is the fastest biplane?

CR-42 Italian biplane fighter from WWII

What is monoplane and biplane?

A monoplane has a single wing. A biplane has two, upper and lower.

How fast can a suzuki biplane motorbike go?

top speed of suzuki biplane

Can you give me a sentence using Biplane?

Let's take a tour of the area in a biplane!

What makes a biplane a biplane?

Having an upper and lower wing makes an aircraft a biplane. This created more lift, but was slower than most monoplanes.

Who invented first Aeroplane and when?

Orville and Wilbur Wright were the first to invent airplane. However it was first flown by Orville Wright. It was a biplane. It was invented in 1903. It was flown in the state of North Carolina.

How do you use biplane in a sentence?

The word 'biplane' is a noun, a word for a type of airplane, a word for a thing.A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.EXAMPLE SENTENCESA biplane opened the airshow. (subject of the sentence)The silvery color that the biplane was paintedflashed in the sunlight. (subject of the relative clause)They rolled a biplane out of the hanger. (direct object of the verb 'rolled')He made the biplane some new seat covers. (indirect object of the verb 'made')We took a ride in a biplane. (object of the preposition 'in')

What is the definition fo biplane?

a biplane is an aeroplane with two sets of wings, one above the other.

Where can you find a biplane in grand theft auto vice city stories on psp?

You can find a biplane at the Film Studio.The Biplane is the sea plane used in the mission dildo dodo.

Can you give a sentence using the word biplane?

The Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" is a biplane that was introduced in 1915. The versatile biplane is still quite popular among crop dusters.

How would one describe a biplane?

One would describe a biplane as a wing that can be used as a fixed wing for an aircraft, this has two wings that used biplane design to fly the aircraft one after the other. The other biplane in biology is a wing of some animals that can fly.

When was the Harrier invented?

If you are referring to the V/Stol Harrier, it was invented throughout the 1960's and entered service in the RAF in 1969. There was a previous Hawker Harrier, a sleek biplane fighter in the RAF in the 1930's.

Why was the Biplane given it's name?

Bi means two. A biplane has two wings each side

How do you use the word 'biplane' in a sentence?

Snoopy and the Red baron both flew biplanes.

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