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Which president worked with Colombia for the opportunity of building a canal in Panama

The US and Spain had a conflict over the two Spanish colonies of

Austria-Hungary declared was on Serbia when

In 1903 the British French and Russians formed an alliance called the

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Q: When was the blackstone canal built?
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Where is the Blackstone Canal Conservancy in Hopedale Massachusetts located?

The address of the Blackstone Canal Conservancy is: 16 Ballou Road, Hopedale, MA 01747-1833

What was a canal built in Panama?

The Panama Canal was a canal built in Panama.

What country built the Panama Canal?

the USA built the panama canal

Who built the canal of panama?

United States built the Panama Canal.

What country built the Suez Canal?

Great Britain built the canal.

Who built the Panama Canal and when?

The United States of America built the canal in 1914.

When was the canal built?

The Chesterfield canal was built in 56789 ha ha ha

What company was the Suez Canal was built by?

he Suez Canal was built by a company from which country?

Which president built Panama Canal?

Theodore Roosevelt built the panama canal.

Which Chinese dynasty built the Grand Canal?

The Sui Dynasty built the Grand Canal.

Why was the Welland canal built?

the welland canal was built to ship items from the U.S.A to Canada

What state was the Erie Canal built in?

The Erie Canal was built in the state of New York.

What year was canal built?

It was built in 1869

What canal was built after the roman empire split?

Most canals were built after the Roman Empire split, for example the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, and the Erie Canal.

Who built the canal?

Dewitt Clinton made the Erie canal possible by helping fund it. Irish immigrants built the Erie canal.

Who was the president wen the panama canal was built?

fredy geogasty was the president when the panama canal was built

Who built the Suez canel?

The Suez Canal was built by the French owned Suez Canal Co.

What was the suez canal and who built it?

The Suez Canal is an artificial waterway in Egypt. It was built by Egyptians working for the Universal Suez Ship Canal Company.

How did the US obtain the Panama Canal?

They Built the panama Canal.

A name of a canal?

There is the Panamal Canal,built by Theodore roosevelt.

How was grand canal built?

the Panama canal was man made.

What canal was built when Teddy Roosevelt was president?

Panama Canal

Which coutry built the canal that separates North and South America?

The United States built the Panama Canal.

Who was president when the Erie Canal was built?

The canal was built between 1817-1825. John Quincy Adams was president when the canal opened in 1825. James Madison was president while it was being built.

Who built the fist Panama Canal?

The United States, under president Teddy Roosevelt built the Panama Canal.