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The cause of Yellow Fever was discovered in Cuba in 1900by Walter Reed and a team of scientists.--Joshua Ballance, grade 7

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What did Carlos finlay invent?

Carlos Juan Finlay (1833-1915) of Cuba discovered the method by which yellow fever was spread.

Who eliminated yellow fever from cuba?

Walter reed

How did the finding yellow fever in Cuba affect the building of the Panamal Canal?

yellow fever was killing people. possible workers for the panama canal

Which physician wiped out yellow fever in Cuba?

William Crawford Gorgas

What discovery wiped out yellow fever in cuba?

The cuba spanish -american war of 1898 left the united states in cotrtol of cuba

Who wiped out yellow fever in Cuba?

The work of US Army officer Walter Reed.

Headed up the project of ridding Cuba of the yellow fever carrying mosquitoes?


Who headed up the project of ridding Cuba of the yellow fever carrying mosquitoes?

Yellow fever happens when mosquitoes bite rats then to us it happens in Phildelpihia in 1709 I think

Who solved the problems of malaria and yellow fever in Cuba?

William Gorgas, with the help of the work of Carlos Finlay and William Reed studies on the spread of Yellow Fever through mosquitoes.

How did Walter reed help to get rid of the yellow fever?

Walter Reed helped cure Yellow Fever by creating the mosquito net while fighting in the war in Cuba, after his friend died from the disease.

Who is credited with the discovery of the cause of yellow fever?

Walter Reed is given much of the credit, but the first was Dr. Carlos Finlay of Cuba. Dr. Reed credited Dr. Finlay's work. .

When was Cuba discovered?

Cuba was discovered by Columbus in 1492. or by William Armstrong in 2000

When was Cuba founded?

Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Who originated first Cuba or Puerto Rico?

Cuba was discovered first.

What was the initial cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

US air reconnaissance discovered evidence of Russian missiles sites in Cuba.

Island discovered by Columbus?


Who was discovered first Cuba or Puerto Rico?

Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba in 1492 and Puerto Rico on his second voyage in 1493.

What year did Christopher Columbus discover Haiti and Cuba?

Columbus discovered Haiti in December 1492. He also discovered Cuba in the same year.

Where was Jamaica discovered?

Jamaica was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, immediately south of Cuba.

What was the name of the small island Columbus discovered?


Which famous explorer discovered Cuba?

Christopher Colombus

Why did the the USA and USSR almost go to war over cuba in 1962?

us discovered nuclear weapons in cuba

Who discovered Cuba?

Christopher Columbus in 1492. Sailing for Spain.

Where was oil first discovered in America?

Cuba, NY in 1627

Island of the west indies discovered by Columbus?

It's Cuba

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