When was the contraceptive pill was developed?

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The contraceptive pill was approved for use in the United States in 1960.

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2013-12-29 19:12:08
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Q: When was the contraceptive pill was developed?
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Why is contraceptive implant used than contraceptive pill in developed countries?

The advantage of the contraceptive implant is its high level of effectiveness. Because you don't have to do anything to make it work, there are no mistakes (like missing a pill) that can decrease its effectiveness.

What is microgynan?

A contraceptive pill

What is the Pill?

The Pill is the name associated with the Contraceptive Birth Control Pill.

What company developed the Plan B pill?

The company that developed the Plan B emergency contraceptive pill is the Teva Women's Health Incorporated located in Pennsylvania. The also produce other women's health products.

Is minerva-35 a contraceptive?

Yes Minerva-35 is a contraceptive pill.

How do you use trigestrel the pill?

The pill Trigestrel is a contraceptive. This pill is taken once a month, orally, like many other contraceptive pills on the market.

What is an ECP pill?

ECP is short for emergency contraceptive pill

Does taking the contraceptive pill lead to thrush development?

The contraceptive pill can flare up candida of which thrush is a common symptom

What classification is a contraceptive pill?


What is Lutera?

It is a combined contraceptive pill

What are the side effects of the male contraceptive pill?

There is no male contraceptive pill on the market. Only condoms and vasectomy are available to men at this time.

You have got a sickness and diarrhea bug will the contraceptive pill still work?

No . The antibiotics for diarrhea and sickness will overpower the effects of the contraceptive pill.

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