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The engine was developed by Rudolf Diesel in 1893.

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Q: When was the diesel engine inented?
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When was the computer inented?

it was inented in 2014

Four stroke diesel engine work principle?

how diesel engine works. on which principle diesel engine works. who search the diesel engine. capacity of diesel engine. how we calculate the efficiency of diesel engine. firing order of diesel engine. any videos

When did Rudoulph Diesel invent the diesel engine?

the diesel engine was invented in 1892 by Rudolf Diesel. the diesel engine was invented in 1892 by Rudolf Diesel.

Different green diesel and diesel engine?

green engine is 6stroke engine and diesel engine is 4 stroke

Where does the word diesel come from?

it comes from Rudolf Diesel who invented the Diesel engine!From the inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel.

Who created the diesel engine?

Rudolf Diesel created the Diesel engine in 1897 and got a patent for his engine in 1898

What is cranking of diesel engine?

it means starting of diesel engine

How do we use the diesel engine now?

The diesel engine is on compression.

What will happen if you use petrol in diesel engine and diesel in petrol engine?

Petrol in a Diesel will cause serious engine damage if you run the engine. Diesel in a petrol engine and the engine will simply not run. No damage will be done.

Is petrol is used in diesel cars?

No, diesel engine require diesel fuel. Put petrol in a diesel engine and you will destroy it.

Will E85 damage a diesel engine?

Yes, it will destroy a diesel engine.

Which is more efficient otto engine or diesel engine?

diesel cycle

What is dodge bluetec engine?

It is a Cummins turbo diesel engine. It was the first diesel engine to meet 2010 emissions standards for a diesel.

What is diffrent between a 5.7L hemi diesel engine and a regular diesel engine or a petrol engine?

There isn't a 5.7L Hemi diesel.

What country was the diesel engine invented?

A German, Rudolf Diesel, is credited with the invention of the diesel engine in 1893

What happen when petrol fuel is use in diesel engine?

Petrol in a diesel engine will destroy the engine.

Can you convert a petrol jaguar engine to a diesel engine car?

No, you cannot convert a gasoline engine to a diesel engine.

How to buy a biodisel engine?

A diesel engine is a biodiesel engine. If you have a diesel engine, you can fill it up with biodiesel anytime.

Who is Adolf Diesel?

The inventor of the diesel engine.

Fuel used in diesel engine?


Why does diesel engine doesn't start?

no diesel

Who is the inventor of diesel engine?

Rudolph Diesel.

Who was the inventor of the diesel engine?

Rudolph Diesel

Who had invented diesel engine?

Rudolf diesel

Who makes Jeep diesel engine?

The Liberty used a VM diesel engine, the Grand Cherokee has used a Mercedes and a VM diesel engine.