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When was the digital photo frame invented?


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it should be invented around 2007.


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Kimberly Campanelli invented the digital photo frame. She called it "Framing The Future".

A digital photo frame (also called a digital media frame) is a picture frame that displays digital Some digital photo frames can only display JPEG pictures.

When selecting a digital photo frame, be sure to check for memory card compatibility.

No. Any photograph can be scanned into a computer and digitized into a format compatible with the photo frame. If you don't have the hardware or software, a photo shop will do it for you.

My digital photo album is saying updating. What do I do to add Pics to it.

If your digital photo frame has a memory card then it can be read.Many readers will handle all the common types of cards.

Evionet released 7 digital photo frame software back in 2001. This software allowed you to activate your photo frame device and connect it to your computer to access your pictures.

You can make a beautiful picture with the free. With the addition of photo effects photo frame allows you to improve your photos.

Feed your digital device to a goat.

Two ways. 1. Copy music to SD card or flash drive, then plug it on digital photo frame. 2. If internal memory is available for your digital photo frame, connect it to PC via mini USB port. Then copy music into your frame, as a normal flash drive.

This digital photo frame will hold up to 2GB of photos, which at 4 megapixels is around 1,024 photos.

It usually depends where you buy it at.

There is a digital calendar available that is similar to a digital picture frame. The user can upload many photos to the calendar, which will flash on the screen in succession, similar to a screen saver or a digital photo frame.

Sony, Viewsonic, and Audiovox make a digital frame with a bulit-in slide show feature.

It was invented 2007 The digital picture frame was originally invented by CEIVA Logic in the year 2000. Since then, digital photo frames have sold over a billion units and are especially popular around the holidays.

Through trial and error, I found that my frame will not play pics taken from Facebook - all others will work. Frame had been freezing on the first Facebook photo it came to.

you have to connect the usb cord to your computer and the other end to the digital photo frame keychain by slick and u have to go to the main menu on ur photo frame and click on usb connect and then press yes. and wait for the special menu on ur screen to pop up.

if the pictures are labeled with a number at the beginning of the name then the photo frame might read them by name the photo frame may also read them in the order that they are placed in the card

thats a great idea you could also buy a digital photo frame which is a little bit more expensive but it is also a great gift idea

A digital photo is a photo that can be shared electronically.

CEIVA Logic invented the first digital picture frame in 2000. Since 2000, CEIVA has sold over a billion digital picture frames.

You can make a beautiful picture with the loonapix. free. With the addition of photo effects photo frame allows you to improve your photos.

Your photo frame should have came with a USB cable to connect to it. You plug one side into the computer and the other into the photo frame. The computer should recognize it as a storage device. You will go to 'My Computer' and go into the drive for the frame. Now you simply drag your pictures onto it and they will be transferred

Yes you can. as long as they connect and the digital doesnt ask you for a sd card

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