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The first digital, portable and light camera was released by John Strognofe in 1685.

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The first digital video camera was released by Sony in 1983.

The first Sony digital camera was released in 1996 by Sony Worldwide Ltd. The digital camera was a forerunner to today's modern array of digital cameras and SLR cameras. The 1996 model had a digital viewfinder and was derived from a camera made by Kodak and other competitors.

I believe they went out in stores in about the year of 2000 That is when I got my digital camera. It was one of the first cameras out in stores!!! Thanks for the questions1

Kodak invented the digital camera.

:In 1991, Kodak released the first professional digital camera system (DCS), aimed at photojournalists. It was a Nikon F-3 camera equipped by Kodak with a 1.3 megapixel sensor.

i believe Steven Sanson invented the digital camera first.

The first recorded digital cameras were used by NASA in the 1960s to take pictures of the moon. The first consumer digital camera were made in 1994 by Apple. In in 1995 Kodak and Casio released their own digital cameras and Sony followed suit in 1996.

The first DIGITAL camera, made in 1941, was about 7 inches high.

Upon research 1981 Sony released its first still digital camera. This was quite an accomplishment for the consumers as this was an item they had long been waiting for.

one of the most primitive digital cameras is the force released, Nickelodeon camera. This digital camera was released before the technology for jpeg color was properly developed!!

the first digital camera that was available commercially was in 1991 by Kodak and was available for $13,000!

Steven Sasson as an engineer at Eastman Kodak bult the first digital camera.

John Sasson didn't invent the digital camera. Steve Sasson has his name on the patent for the first digital camera.

Louis Baton invented the first waterproof camera in 1893. The first digital waterproof camera was invented in 2005. The camera has a protective case that allows it to get wet and endure cooler temperatures.

when the digital camera was first invented it was used to tske pictures.

carlson discover the first time digital cameras

What is the worlds first ever used digital camera. What kind was it and what company manufactured it. And what was the first ever picture taken with this camera.

the first digital camera was made in 1975

The first Sony Cybershot was released in 1996. Please see that attached related link for more details.

A Canon digital camera battery can be replaced by buying a Canon digital camera battery and putting the Canon digital camera battery in the Canon digital camera battery socket of the Canon digital camera.

John Stoghofe invented the first digital camera and Louis Daugerre invented the world first camera in gerneral

Define "first camera" for us, and then perhaps we can help you make a guess.the first Kodak digital camera

The Kodak DCS-100 (1.3 megapixels) was $13,000 when it was released in 1991.

at the digital camera factory!