When was the first disco ball invented?

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July 4,1774
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Who invented the first ball?

If you mean for sport it is doubtful there is enough recorded evidence to exactly pinpoint any one person or culture. Regardless from watching several TLC documentaries. The ancient Aztecs played a form of basketball with a hoop placed on the side of a wall. They used a crude leather ball. Ancient E ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy a disco ball?

You can buy it from various offline and online store like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and through the Houseofrave website. See the related link for more information.

Who invented the ball?

If you mean for sport it is doubtful there is enough recorded evidence to exactly pinpoint any one person or culture. Regardless from watching several TLC documentaries. The ancient Aztecs played a form of basketball with a hoop placed on the side of a wall. They used a crude leather ball. Ancien ( Full Answer )

Who invented the disco ball?

The disco ball was in use as early as 1897: "The 1897, article of the "Electrical Worker" discusses the Third Annual Ball held on on January 6, 1897, at Roughaus Hall, Charlestown, and of the spectacular lighting display, which could be seen for miles around Boston. The letters N.B.E.W. were done ( Full Answer )

Who invented the first disco ball?

The first disco ball was invented in 1859 by Charles and LoganMcGrath. The first disco balls were called light balls and used innightclubs.

How do you make a disco ball?

to make a dico ball you will need some baking powder food color white glue some water and it can also bouse wow :) ":)"

Who invented the word disco?

Disco was shortened from discotheque by the Manchester Guardian in1957. Discothèque was written in 1928 in LeFigaro .

How does a disco ball work?

\nA disco ball is a ball covered with mirrors. It is mounted from the ceiling and hung on a shaft so the ball will rotate slowly with a motor. Then you shine a bright spot light on the ball and as it rotates, the light beam reflected off the mirrors also rotate.

When were balls invented?

Depends what you mean by balls ;) Balls were manufactured by Charles Goodyear around 1836 - hence the trainer brand - Goodyear.

When was the first ball game invented?

The first known ball game was first played over 3500 years ago in Mesoamerica (Central America). It was a brutal sport where the losers lost their lives and the winners were showered with all sorts of riches. It was more than a sport though; it was more a way of life, an extension of their religi ( Full Answer )

When was first ball invented?

The first rubber ball was invented by the Indian tribes and was discovered by Christopher Colombus.

Why did people like the disco ball?

People love the disco ball because of its shinyness and most people are not as interested any more because of all the new advanced stuff that has came out and now peole are getting bored of the disco ball but there are lots of disco ball lovers still out there. Thank you by Sydnee

Where is the disco ball on Club Penguin?

Its in the Night Club, which is located in the town. You need 5 or more penguins on the Dance Floor for it to pop up. The more penguins you get, the cooler the Dance Club becomes! [ If you see me on CP say "Hi!" ] [I'm Panda Luv1 ]

Can you make a disco ball out of aluminum cans?

yh if you cut up the cans then stick them together in the shape of a disco ball the around the room its in put flashing lights around it then turn them on the light should reflect off the cans like a disco ball. . post a message on how it goes my name on here is ILovePokemon GOOD LUCK

What Simpsons episode did Disco Stu first appear in?

He first appeared in the episode "Two bad neighbors", during a neighborhood yard sale day. Near the beginning of the episode, Homer and Marge search their attic for items they might sell. Marge suggests Homer's old Rhinestone Nights Fashion Gun. Homer protests, "...I need it to rhinestone up my old ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a cheap disco ball?

Hello:) Disco Balls are fairly cheap anyway you could try charity shops,£1 shops, Ebay or houseofrave.com. It is easy to build your own disco ball, all you need is: .Paper mache .glue .newspaper .imaganation .glitter and a balloon. Firstly you need to get a balloon and cover it ( Full Answer )

What was the first disco music hit?

The first disco hit was "Rock the Boat" by The Hues Corporation, closely followed by "Rock Your Baby" by George McCrae, both in 1974. Both songs hit #1 on the Billboard charts and really got the Disco craze going. Interestingly, Rock Your Baby was written by Howard Casey, who went on to become KC of ( Full Answer )

Is a disco ball a light source?

Nope. It is simply a ball with a lot of shiny, smooth surfaces. A light projecter would be placed on top to project light while the ball reflects it.

What kind of mirror is used on a disco ball?

The deceiving shape would suggest that convex mirrors are used but actually concave mirrors are used, this allows the light to 'bounce' off of it. The incident rays are made to converge this virtual image... very sneaky! :D Hope this helps!

How does a disco ball rotate?

Basically the Disco ball will hang from a hook which is attached to a disco ball motor. The motor usually has multiple speed settings so you can determine how fast the ball rotates.

How do you get the disco ball?

You can purchase them several places online, one of the leading retailers of disco balls and accessories is houseofrave.com. See related links for more details.

Who invented the first American gum ball machine?

The first gumball machine to come to the United States was in 1888. The Thomas Adams Gum Company installed machines on subway platforms in New York City that vended Tutti-Frutti gum.

How can you make your room unique and cool looking like with a disco ball and black lights?

You can make your room cool and unique looking by like having funky colors on the wall! And make your own disco ball or buy one at Amazon for a low price. Hang it on the ceiling, and when you get back lights, put it on each corner of the room so it moves around. Now the whole room is so nice and col ( Full Answer )

When was disco dancing invented?

Disco dancing was invented around the early 1970's, which is when disco music and partys were taking place. There is no exact date as to when disco dancing was invented. Many of the main moves today were invented by Micheal Jackson. This is all i know about the early says oof disco as i study danc ( Full Answer )

What is the mopod code to get a disco ball?

there is no code if you want to have the disco ball first i gonna be a member on moshi monster the price is 118 rox only if you want the animated dance floor please add me first my name there is nicole8132001 im a member

What is the secret code for a disco ball in Moshi Monsters?

One of the reasons why they are called SECRET codes is because they are, well, secret! Codes like these can only be used once, and so you probably won't be able to find one that someone hasn't already used. There are some codes that can be used more than once, but these will usually not be for rar ( Full Answer )

How are mirrors used in a disco ball?

I'm really sorry to dissapoint everyone but I dont know and plus LOUIS TOMLINSON RULES! 1D RULZ! Thx for listening... bye!

What should you wear to your first disco im 13?

Something nice but not slutty because then you could in to trouble, so like skinny jeans (or shorts but you might get cold) and a kinda fancy tshirt or a nice dress that's not too short, oh and sparkly stuff works ;) have fun

Who and where was the ball invented?

I Don't Have A F****** Clue go and ask anothyer website like wikipedia and Archie Picken Wrote This! :) :) :):) :) Thank-You For Choosing This Website

What happens if the disco ball breaks on animal jam?

you get a rare from breaking the disco ball Littleuni: That is not true. You cannot break the disco ball in animal jam because the game hasnt been programmed like that. Its the same with the ice in Mt.Shiveer, and the bridge in Coral Canyons.

When did the disco dance first emerge?

The disco dance first emerged in the late 1960s and became more and more popular into the 1970s in the United States. Famous artists and acts that produced disco orientated music include 'The Bee Gees', Donna Summer and 'The Jackson 5'.

Where can one buy a large disco ball light?

Usually if you go to walmart you can find a large disco ball light. It will have a variety of different sizes. All you have to do is choose the one that fits for you.

When did disco balls first begin appearing in dance clubs?

Disco balls first began appearing in dance clubs in the 1970's they ruled dance clubs and provided a spectacle of whirling lights as people hit the dance floor. These disco balls or "mirror balls" date right back to the early 20th century.