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The Great Exhibition 1951 was not set on fire. However, (after it was moved to another part of London) the Crystal Palace used to house the Great Exhibition did get destroyed by a fire in 1936.

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2014-10-17 08:55:19
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Q: When was the great exhibition set on fire?
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When did the great exhibition get destroyed?

in 1936,in a fire

How did the great exhibition burn down?

The Great Exhibition Hall burned to the ground in 1936. No one actually knows how the fire started but once it did, the grand building was completely destroyed.

How did people get to the great exhibition?

they got to the great exhibition by train

When was London's Great Exhibition held?

The Great Exhibition was held in 1851!!

When did the gret exhibition open?

The Great Exhibition opened in 1851.

How many exhibits were there in the great exhibition?

In total, there were 13,000 different exhibits in the Great Exhibition of 1851

What was in the great exhibition?

at the great exhibition they had on display : stalls, shops, thing to buy food places and etc.

When did the great exhibition open?

the great exhibition was opened in 1851 by a man called prince albert.

Was the bicycle at the great exhibition?

The Great Exhibition was in 1851. The first bicycles didn't appear until the 1870's.

Why was the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London?

The Crystal Palace was built specifically to house the Great Exhibition of 1851

Who fought in the great exhibition?

The "Great Exhibition" was an exhibition of technology and culture held in Hyde Park in London in 1851 for which a special glass building was constructed "The Crystal Palace". I do not see how "fought" has any relevance to the the exhibition.

Who was the creator of the greate exhibition?

the great Exhibition was in London with the patronage of Queen Victoria

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