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It started on March 18, 2003.

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Q: When was the invasion of Iraq?
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Was the Iraq war a war or a invasion?

Technically, because Congress never approved of it, Iraq is labeled an Invasion.

How was Iraq affected by the invasion in 1991?

Oil production in Iraq dropped

When did the invasion of Iraq end?


Which was an argument for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003?

One of the reasons for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 was that they suspected them of hiding weapons of mass destruction.

Why did the US get involved in the invasion of Iraq?


What does the us call it's invasion of Iraq in 2003?

The most common terms used are "the Iraq War" or "the War in Iraq".

When did the Iraq Invasion end?

The last US troops withdrew from Iraq on December 16, 2011.

Turkish invasion in Iraq?

No, there is not an invasion. Turkey is just trying to catch PKK terrorists in Hakkari.

What important event happend in 2003?

The Invasion of Iraq

Is Australia still involved in the Iraq Invasion?


Was the 2003 US invasion of Iraq justified?

It was for control.

What is difference between Hitler invading Poland and Bush invading Iraq?

The United Nations had not authorized an invasion of Iraq. Bush worried that invading Iraq would lead to an extended occupation Bush thought the invasion would lead to a quagmire

What was the effect of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq?

the Persian Gulf War

What is the operation lraqi freedom?

It was the George Bush invasion of Iraq.

What led to the Persian Gulf War?

The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

What was the 2003 invasion on Iraq called?

operation iraqi freedom

Did the US invade Afghanistan or Iraqi first?

In the early 90s the US led a coalition that invaded Iraq in the Persian gulf war. The second invasion of Iraq occurred after the invasion of Afghanistan.

What war began in 1980 after Iraq was invaded?

There was a war that began in Iraq in 1980, but the war began with an invasion of Iran, not Iraq. That war is the Iran-Iraq War and lasted from 1980-1988.

What year did the us attack Iraq?

The Gulf War occurred August 2, 1990.The Invasion of Iraq, or Iraq War occurred March 20, 2003.

What historical event happened in 2003?

Invasion of Iraq is one event.

To what degree is imperialism present in the world today?

USA invasion of Iraq

What is the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq called?

Code named "Desert Storm"

What are some of the reasons for the Iraq Wars?

land,oil,invasion of kuwait.wmd.

Why did the Iraq invasion start?

Please see the Related Question below.

When did the US envade Iraq?

The invasion kicked off in March of 2003.