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The New Haven, Connecticut, plant closed on March 31, 2006.

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Q: When was the last time Winchester manufactured firearms in the US and where?
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When was the Winchester model 94 ae 45 lc manufactured?

Winchester introduced the angle eject feature in 1987, so some time after that.

Where are tristar firearms made?

Turkey last time I checked.

Can you tell the manufactured time by only see slide number in CZ 92?

It can be done on firearms from some - but not all - manufacturers.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1886 45-70 s n 94732?

There are so many variables that could affect the value of your winchester model 1886 that you would be prudent to have your rifle appraised by a member of the winchester collectors assoc,or a firearms expert employed by many of the better firearms auction houses here in the U.S. Your winchester model 1886 was made in 1895 by winchester and with the many options that could be ordered at that time the value could be anywhere from 2,000 dollars up to 4,500 dollars.

Why are there no Winchester records from 1943?

War time. The last thing they were worried about was paper records.

Do winchester model 60A rifles have serial numbers?

Your Winchester model 60A was made between the years 1932-1939.The rifles of that time were not required to have serial numbers,and Winchester chose not to serial number the model 60 series of rifles.The law was not changed until the passage of the gun control act of 1968,mandating that all firearms be serial numbered.

What is a Winchester model 364 30-30 worth?

If your question is in reference to the Winchester model 64 lever action rifle in 30-30Win.caliber?I can say that these rifles are currently valued at between 300-700 dollars.They were made from 1933-1957,and for a limited time from 1972-1973.A Winchester model 364 was never made by Winchester repeating Firearms Company.Please look your rifle over again and make sure that the model number is correct.

Is the Mazda 626 a reliable car?

The Mazda 626 has many reviews stating that the car is very reliable. The Mazda 626 was not manufactured every year. The last time the car was manufactured was in 2003.

What year is the Winchester 25 gauge 12 cal serial number 55484?

The Winchester model 25 12 ga was manufactured between 1898 and 1925. It is a very common shotgun because there were so many made in that time frame. In excellent condition it is only worth $400.

Is Cooper firearms going out of business?

Not at this time.

When was Winchester 94 serial number 1491385 made?

During the years 1943-1948 Winchester firearms company did not keep records of the production of there model 1894 rifles.The serial number range was from 1,287,469-1,500,000.With World War II going on,and Winchester,s War time production ramped up they could not keep records of civilian made firearms.Your rifle falls into this time frame.If I had to guess as to when yours was produced,I would say the year 1947-1948.

When was the 22 winchester model 67 long rifle made?

The Winchester model 67 was made by Winchester from 1936-1963.Winchester did not serial number these rifles as the laws of that time did not require it.A total of 383,587 were made during that time span.

Can a convicted felon visit a home where the have weapons?

What is meant by "visit?" How often is this "visit?" For how long a time does this "visit," or these "visits," last? A convicted felon may not own, or possess firearms, under ANY circumstance. If by "visiting" he is in close proximity to firearms, then he may be deemed to be in possession of them.

Does anyone still carry FIE firearms?

FIE was an importer - not a manufacturer - which filed bankruptcy in 1990. Firearms they imported can still turn up (used) from time to time.

When was a Winchester model 25 ser 41532 gun made?

they model 25 was manufactured between 1949 and 1954 they made more than 87,000 in that time. because of the fairly high serial # was probably around 1952.

Who made western field ejn 753 rifle and when?

I dont show that exact reference in my charts, but the only time I've seen the EJN listing were on guns manufactured for Wards by Jefferson Firearms, and which are similar to the models produced for Colt by Jefferson.

What years were the Winchester Model 42 made?

The Winchester model 42 was made from 1933-1965.Winchester made a total of 160,013,during this time span.

What is the value of a new Winchester model94ae 30-30 walnut stockserial no 6482980?

You can check around on to find similar model 94s, it appears to me that your rifle was manufactured some time after 1982 and depending on condition somewhere in the 300-400 range. Keep in mind though that Winchester stopped manufacturing the model 94 last year after 120+ years of making them and they MAY increase in value now. The pre 1964 models are considered more collectible and are valued accordingly

What is the 1927 Winchester 3030 94 Stainless steel worth?

This Winchester model 1894 rifle could be very valuable,as Winchester only offered there barrels in Stainless Steel for a very short time in the late 1920,s.I would have your Winchester looked at by a Winchester collector assoc.member to get a more qualified appraised value.It will surely be worth your time.

How many ride on toys has Fisher Price manufactured?

Fisher Price has manufactured many toys over time. It is difficult to count the number of ride-on toys that they have manufactured because they change over time.

What is Winchester proof steel?

Introduced around 1940, Winchester Proof Steel is the alloy used by Winchester to manufacture it's firearms. It replaced nickel steel, used in the early production Winchester 94's to withstand the power of the first 'main stream' smokeless powder rifle cartridge - the .30 WCF, now known as the .30-30. Note, however, that the 94 Winchester was intoduced in .30 WCF a year after the production of blackpowder 94s. Winchester Proof is stronger than nickel steel, and holds blueing better. The nickel in nickel steel made blueing flake off of recievers and barrels of Winchester rifles over long periods of time. Winchester introduced Proof Steel in 1931, and began using it for the Model 94 in April of 1932. "Proof Steel" is a chrome-moly alloy.

How can the age of a Winchester model 69 be determined?

It is unfortunate that you cannot.These were made before 1968 when the gun control act mandated that all firearms had to have serial numbers.Winchester made the model 69 from 1935-1963,with a total production of 355,000 made during this time span.

What are the release dates for Winchester Arms Factory at Noon Time - 1896?

Winchester Arms Factory at Noon Time - 1896 was released on: USA: November 1896

What memory is programmed at the time it is manufactured?


What is the hobby of collecting firearms?

You have defined it. It is a hobby (past time, recreation, if you like) that encompasses the acquisition of firearms for knowledge, use, and potential to make money.