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One way to replace a tooth is the Maryland bridge. This bridge technique was first developed at the University of Maryland, and this is where it gets the name. Since 1970

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Q: When was the patent for the Maryland bridge for teeth invented?
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Where on your body would you find a bridge?

The "bridge of the nose" (sometimes called the nasal bridge) consists of the two nasal bones, left and right, at the very top of the nose. If you have missing teeth, you could also find a "bridge" in your mouth. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth (or teeth) supported by existing teeth on either side, or alternatively, by dental implants.

What is the feature of fixed-fixed bridge?

A fixed bridge is a Dental Prosthetic which uses two good teeth, one on each sides of the space, to support the prosthetic. This type of bridge is permenant and can not made to be removed, thus the word fixed bridge. The bridge can span over large spaces replacing various teeth. Care must be taken in cleaning a small space above the area of missing teeth on the bridge. A partial bridge is another way to replace missing teeth, but this is the kind that can be removed John Dental Consultant

Can a bridge be made if you have six missing front teeth?


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Can you do a root canal after your place 4 teeth bridge?

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When a temporary bridge falls out wny do the abutment teeth hurt so much?

The abutment teeth have been prepped (cut down and shaped) to receive the permanent bridge. They are sensitive because they are not supposed to be exposed to the environment as they are. Return to your dentist as soon as possible and have the temporary bridge re-cemented. This is important: The temporary bridge not only protects those preps, it also holds them in place until the permanent bridge is placed. If the teeth shift, even a little, because the temporary bridge is missing, the permanent bridge will not fit! New impressions will have to be taken and another bridge will have to be made.

What is the feature of fixed-moveable bridge?

There is no such thing as fixed-moveable bridge in dental care. There is, however, a fixed bridge that is used in dental care. This is a prosthetic device that is used to replace one or more teeth that are missing in the human mouth. A fixed bridge attaches to teeth that are positioned on opposite ends.

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What are opinions on which is better for a missing tooth an implant or a bridge?

An implant by far is the best way to go. A bridge involves the shaving down of good teeth to help abut the missing tooth. Bridges are o.k. but they are not as permanent as an implant. There is also alot of maintenance hygienically with the bridge as opposed to the implant. An implant is better, unless the adjacent teeth need crowns, a bridge can act as crowns for the adjacent teeth, while it replaces the missing tooth.

Why would someone need a bridge for their teeth?

done when one or more permanent teeth are lost or pulled. The resulting gap must be filled in to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting.

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