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When was the trumpet invented?

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The best evidence we have shows that trumpets have existed since at least 1500 BC. The Trumpet as we know it today has existed since the early 1800s.

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The trumpet was invented in 1814 by Heinrich Stolzel.

the trumpet was invented by Heinrich Stolzel

The modern trumpet was invented in Germany.

Heinrich Stolzel invented the first trumpet.

The best information we have points to the trumpet being invented in Egypt. The modern valved trumpet was invented in Germany.

Do you mean "Who invented the trumpet?" If you do, my guess is that the Ancient Egypt did.

The trumpet was invented in 1814 by Heinrich Stolzel.No one knows for sure who invented the trumpet. They were used for war calls in ancient times.

The modern trumpet was invented around 1814-1820.

The best evidence we have shows that the early trumpets were invented in Egypt. The trumpet as we know it today was invented in Germany.For a discussion of the characteristics and the history of the trumpet, see below.

The best information we have points to the trumpet being invented in Egypt. The modern valved trumpet was invented in Germany.

Heinrich Stozel invented the modern valved trumpet in Berlin in the year 1814.

Nobody knows since the trumpet has evolved since prehistory.

The location where the tumpet was invented was in south india :)

Heinrich Stoelzal and Friedrich Bluhmeh invented the 19th century valved horn, most akin to today's trumpet.

the trumpet was made in china 100milion years ago by an old man possibly called cincageo

Jesuit priest and mathematician who is from France was the first to invent ear trumpet. But commercial production was established by Fredrick.

The trumpet was used as long ago as 1500 BCE. It is one of the oldest musical instruments in the brass family.

the common day trumpet was invented some time in the 1800s, but bugles and horns date back to ancient times.

Actually, the modern trumpet wasn't invented until the late 19th century. The type of horn style trumpet with no valves was invented much earlier. The old battle horns are the same thing, except made from a horn not brass. The trumpet design originally had keys the same way a clarinet would. This instrument had a sound that was deeper and not as bright. When the modern trumpet with valves was made, the players of the old style absolutely hated it. Consequently the cornet was created, for those old players who liked the darker sound.

There is no single inventor of the cornet or trumpet. It has been developed by many people over history. The modern valve cornet was invented by Courtois in 1855.

The exact year is unknown, but they date back to at least 1500 BC.

The stethoscope was invented in 1816 by Rene Laennec. They were invented in Necker Enfants Hospital, Paris France. The first stethoscope was made out of wood, and looked like a trumpet.

Athena invented horse bit and bridle, the trumpet, flute, pot, rake, plow, yoke, ship, the chariot, and she co-invented the flute.

Early trumpets were straight tuned pipes. Then they developed crooks to change the pitch Then Keys were added around 1400. In 1788, Charles Clagget invented the first instrument valve. In 1801, Windinger of Vienna put five rotary keys on the first trumpet. The rotary-valve trumpet was designed in 1835 by Joseph Riedl The Stölzel valve,was invented by Heinrich Stoelzel in 1814. The valve trumpet available for purchase was by François Périnet in 1839.

their is a G trumpet. F trumpet B flat trumpet and a Piccolo trumpet being the smallest trumpet and an octive higher than a regular trumpet.

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