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When was the water cycle discovered?


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According to historians, the water cycle was discovered slowly over a period of painstaking years. However, Bernard Palissy is credited in the 16th century to be the scientist who compiled the theories that existed for years and "wrote" our modern hydrological cycle.

But much to the surprise of others, according to documents that date back to before the Common Era (thousands of years), knowledge of the water cycle existed then. These documents are found in the manuscripts of The Bible, and illustrating just one instance, found in the oldest manuscript known in the Bible, the book of Job:

Job 36:27-29

For He draws up drops of water,

Which distill as rain from the mist,

Which the clouds drop down

And pour abundantly on man.

Indeed, can anyone understand the spreading of clouds,

The thunder from His canopy?

Other examples are included as well. Thus, it would be difficult to answer when the cycle was first discovered.


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there are no microbes in water cycles. recently only rain making bacteria have been discovered wait for some years to come maybe more microbes will be discovered in this cycle. sincerely, An environmentalist

The water cycle is not an idea that was discovered at any one time, and the ideas go back beyond the 1980's.

electrons, protons, CO2 and water. btw it is not "kreb cycle" but Krebs cycle (mr. Hans Krebs discovered it ;)

While historians maintain that the water cycle, or hydrological cycle was discovered over several painstaking years, the man most accredited for recording the information is Bernard Palissy. If you might be religious about this it does mention about this in the Bible. Read Job 36: 27-29. (Thanks to ID1191356232)

Water cycle was not discovered in 1991, it has always been. It is the process of using and recycling the earth's water.

The Calvin Cycle is the cycle plants use to synthesize glucose from Carbon Dioxide. It was discovered by Melvin Calvin, who named it after himself.

water cycleWater cycle!the water cycle.The water cycle

Water is regulated in water cycle. Hence, water is involved in water cycle.

Hans Adolf Krebs discovered the Citric Acid Cycle, later known as the Krebs cycle.

the water cycle is the cycle of water and what it goes through

the water cycle The water cycle. (It ends as rain - which is water.)

Water cycle regulates water. Hence it is important.

The Krebs cycle is also known as the Citric Acid Cycle or Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle and was named after Hans Krebs who discovered it. It is used to oxidize pyruvates formed when glucose is broken down into Carbon Dioxide and Water. It is cyclic because it is a repetitive cycle.

Hydrological cycle is the synonym for water cycle. Hydro means water.

the water cycle transports water

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Yes, water cycle ensure that we can have fresh water. It helps in recycling the water.

it is the scientific term for the water cycle

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Yes, plants are related to water cycle. They are the component of water cycle.

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The water cycle gets more water by rain because when it rains the rain goes in the water cycle .

In the water cycle, condensation, is where water vapor cools, and forms into water droplets. water cycle

The water cycle is also called the hydro-logic cycle.

The water cycle can also be called the hydraulic cycle or the hydrologic cycle.

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