When was the water cycle discovered?

According to historians, the water cycle was discovered slowly over a period of painstaking years. However, Bernard Palissy is credited in the 16th century to be the scientist who compiled the theories that existed for years and "wrote" our modern hydrological cycle.

But much to the surprise of others, according to documents that date back to before the Common Era (thousands of years), knowledge of the water cycle existed then. These documents are found in the manuscripts of the Bible, and illustrating just one instance, found in the oldest manuscript known in the Bible, the book of Job:

Job 36:27-29

For He draws up drops of water,

Which distill as rain from the mist,

Which the clouds drop down

And pour abundantly on man.

Indeed, can anyone understand the spreading of clouds,

The thunder from His canopy?

Other examples are included as well. Thus, it would be difficult to answer when the cycle was first discovered.