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your western Field model 770a was made for Montgomery Wards(western Field) by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 472 and your rifle are one and the same.These rifles were made between 1974-1976.

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Q: When was the western field model 770a 30.06 bolt action rifel made?
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The Revelation .308 was sold by Western Auto in the 1970's. It has 8 grooves and a 16" twist on the bolt action model. I am not sure who the manufacturer was; but Western Auto is still in business and perhaps they would know.

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Revelation GC3376 made for Western Auto by Crosman. It was the Crosman model 760 Powermaster 180, BB or single shot .177 pellet. Mfg 1966-1970 wood stock and forarm. (First Variant only for Western Auto) Orignally Mfg 1964 First Variant for Western Auto 1966 to 1970 Eight Variant mfg 1991- discontinued Value 100%=$30 90%=$20 60%=$10 ADD 300% for First Variant. (your is a first variant)