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US Forces withdrew in March of 1973; South Vietnam fell to Communist North Vietnam in April 1975.


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Why is it that you cant even spell VIETNAM?????

The war ended with a Northern victory.

The North defeated the South.

The Vietnam War ended on April 30th, 1975.

The official national capitol of Veitnam is Hanoi, Veitnam.

Yes; the nation of North Vietnam against the United States.

It can only be confirmed that the war ended on or about 30 April 1975.

In Vietnam, south-east Asia

The North defeated (conquered) the south in '75; that ended it.

about 4 million soldiers died during the Vietnam war

No, The U.S didn't win the war. They started withdrawing from veitnam in january 27, 1973

your mom became in to a terminator and killed the veitnamise people and rapiad the comander

Yes, They ran for their lives I think you could call that a loss.

The most widiy used weapon in the Veitnam war was the American M-16 rifle.

phillipines, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, South Veitnam

The Vietnam War took place from November 1955 to April 1975. It was a war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

the americans where an ally to south vietnam. veitnam was in two parts at that time like north korea and south korea. It was fought from 1959 to 1975. At the end of the war i know they all went together to form one contury. for more info just type in Veitnam war facts on Google

the Vietnam war did many things but it didn't destroy us like it wanted to if you think that is weird that you should LOOK IT UP IN A BOOK!

One thing that happend durring the Veitnam War was that there was a new president elected. Bill Nye

There is a lot of debate on who won this war, but it ended in a stalemate which means neither side won neither side lost.

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Nguyen Minh TRIET is the current leader of veitnam Nguyen Minh TRIET is the current leader of veitnam

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