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The printing dates back to China date from 220, and from Egypt to the 4th century.

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Who invented woodblock printing?

the Chinese

Why was woodblock printing invented?

it was the way of reproducing text.

What did the tang dynasty of china invent?

they invented: ~porcelain (although it was not perfected for centuries) ~woodblock printing ~gunpowder ~magnetic compass

When did Japanese woodblock printing start?


Did china invent woodblock printing?


When was the woodblock invented?

The woodblock was invented since time began since there was wood everywhere.

Wood-block printing in china?

Well, woodblock printing wasn't actually invented there, but in china, the use and production boomed and raely gave the invention of typing started.

How has woodblock printing impacted your world?

Woodblock printing has impacted the entire world. Because of woodblock printing, it became easier for peasants and the common people to learn how to read. This influenced them because they were able to become more educated. This education led to revolutions which led to freedoms for the people, as well as the invention of other methods of printing for mass production. If not for the woodblock printer, the world may have turned out to be an entirely different place.

What did woodblock printing allow Chinese to do?

it enabled the spread of knowledge

When did Marco Polo travel to Taklamakan Desert?

to get the information of woodblock printing

What name do the Japanese refer to the art of woodblock printing?


What manner by which the world's first known book was printed?

Woodblock printing.

Which was invented first the X-ray machine or the printing machine?

The printing press was invented in around 593 AD in China, long before the X-ray machine (approx 1896). It should be noted that printing is even older than the invention of the mechanical printing press, for example evidence for woodblock printing dates from 200 AD in China. Please see the related links.

Why was the woodblock printing important?

woodblock printing is important because it was faster for people to copy down information than making copies from hand( i.e., writing down words vs stamping down pages)

How are the inventions of paper money and woodblock printing have been linked?

it was jo mama

What materials did Hokusai use?

Mainly woodblock printing, but also some painting.

Why is Chinese Woodblock Printing important in the Chinese Society?

Because they sucked dicks

What is the difference between woodblock printing press and movable printing press?

the difference between woodblock printing and movable-type is that if you were printing with a wood block you could not use the wood again,and since there are so many letters in the chinese alaphabet that did not go great.With Guttenburg's invention HE COULD REUSE EACH LETTER HE MADE

How do the two forms of printing invented by the chinese differ?

The 1st form of printing was "Woodblock" and the entire page was cut into a block of wood. "Moveable Type" allowed separate characters made of clay to join and form words.

Who invented the first woodblock printer?

the first woodbolck printer was invented by the Chinese.

What are 3 Chinese inventions?

compass gunpowder and printing both woodblock and movable type.

When did the Chinese invent woodblock printing?

we will probably never know but it is probably made in 105 CE.

What invention did the Chinese use when making playing cards in the ninth century?

Woodblock printing i thinking

Who invented the printing?

The Chinese invented printing. They invented it with wood blocks

What where the achievements of tang dynasty?

the woodblock printing, gunpowder, porcelain, clocks, medicine. The building of the Grand Canal