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When was your model 12 12 gage shot gun built?

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Post the serial number of the gun and I'll let you know.

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Who made The Imperial single barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

when was a cil 12 gage shot gun made model 402.

What patent is savage shot gun model 775 built on?

the model 775 savage was contracted by browning based on their a5 design.

Nitro marval shot gun 16 gage?

You have stated what you have, not asked a question.

What does animo firar mean on a 12 gage shot gun?

Animo is (was) a shotgun manufacturer in Eibar Spain. Most likely your shotgun is a side by side model.

How do you clean the gas chamber on a 20 gage shot gun?

Follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

How do you get a replacement butt stock for a New Rival 12 gage single shot model 681000?

inernet where u can buy anything or you can check gun specialty stores

How old is your l c smith 10 gage hammer shot gun?

Blue Book of Gun Values will help.

When was the 20 gage mossberg shot gun model 1850 b made?

Take a close look at your markings- I think you have a model 185 D (b). If so, it was made from 1950-1955. There is no Model 1850 b listed in my references.

16 gage single shot longtom shot gun who made them and when model929?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings.

Where is the serial number on a model 67F 12 gage Shot gun?

The Winchester model 67 shotgun was not serialized.This was not mandatory until the year 1968 by the gun control act of that year.The Winchester model 67 shotgun was made from 1934-1963.A total of 383,587 were made during this time span.

How do i find the age on a worthington 12 gage double barrel shot gun?

Gun shops, gun stores, pawn shops, library, on line auctions.

How much is a Iver Johnson champion 12ga and 20 ga worth?

Iver Johnson champion , 20 gage shot gun serial number's , b-g-x-i - date built

How do you determined the gage of a American gun co shot gun?

almost all guns have the gauge marked on the gun somewhere. If not, you should probably take it to a gun dealer and let them look at it for you.

What is the date of your Winchester model 12 20 gage shot gun S?

If you would be kind enough to provide a serial number along with the info you already supplied,I would be able to answer your question.

Where can you get a clip for a 12 gauge shot gun savage 918?

user-generated content: http://wiki.answers.com/about/disclaimer.html report abuse= Where can you get a clip for a 12 gage shot gun savage 918? =

Value 12 gage double barrell shot gun?

Without more of a description; 50-20000 USD

Who and when was 16 gage shot gun no 26114 made?

Impossible to answer. Serial numbers are NOT unique to only one gun in the world- or they would be REALLY long numbers.

Can you shoot deer slugs through a sears 410 shot gun model 101 1380?

Yes I have the same shot gun and I have shot deer with this gun. when I was 12 or 13 so I know you can .

How old is your shot gun model 14149?

Not enough information to answer,

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