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The first historical record of a stove being built, refers to a stove built in 1490, in Alsace, France. This stove was made entirely of brick and tile, including the flue.

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Who invented stoves?


Who invented the electric stoves and when?

thomas ........ envented the electric stove

When were woodburning stoves first invented?

Woodburning stoves, believed to be the earliest heating devices, were first used by the Chinese in 600 B.C.

Why can't petrol be used in stoves at home?

there is no stove invented that can handle liquid hydrocarbons.

Did they have stoves in the 1940s?

Yes, for cooking and for heating. Wood stoves, oil stoves, gas stoves, and electric stoves.

Who invented the wood-burning stove?

Wood burning stoves, as appliances with fireboxes and chimneys, were invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1741. There is a link below.

Is stoves an adverb?

No, the word "stoves" is not an adverb.The word "stoves is a noun. On the rare occasion it can also be a verb.Click here to see "stoves" in a dictionary.

Where was the first stove made?

If by stove you mean gas stove, than the ancestor of modern stoves was invented in 1826 in England.

Which came first the refrigerator or the stove?

We can trace the origin of stoves back to Ancient Greece. We can trace refrigerators, known as ice-boxes at the time, to 11th century Persia. (Modern electric refrigerators were invented in 1915). So your answer would be stoves.

What is the plural of stove?

1 stove 2 stoves

What is the population of Esse stoves?

The population of Esse stoves is 100.

What is the collective noun for stoves?

There is no standard collective noun for stoves, perhaps because stoves are not usually found in groups. Collective nouns are an informal part of language and any noun that is suitable for the situation can function as a collective noun; for example a row of stoves or a display of stoves.

How can you find more information about Primus stoves?

Go to Wikipedia and type in Primus Stoves. There is a whole article on there about Primus stoves. Alternatively go to the Primus Camping website and go through the variety of stoves there.

Who invented the stove and when?

The first stove was invented by Benjamin Franklin and was called Franklin stove in 1742. It was a partially open fire place but had improved efficiency. Later stoves came to be made on the same principle

Get new stoves on cafe world?

You have to level up to buy new stoves.

Are propane stove legal in restaurants?

Yes, propane stoves are considered to be legal in restaurants. Along with propane stoves, many restaurants have gas and electric stoves.

What kinds of stoves do they take on a climb on Mount Everest?

they take little lightweight "stoves"

What has the author R Thomas Wykes written?

R. Thomas Wykes has written: 'Sizing wood stoves in Oregon' -- subject(s): Stoves, Wood, Wood Stoves

Are electric stoves easier to use than gas stoves?

Yes, electric stoves are easier to use than gas stoves. However, if there is a power outage, you will not be able to use your electric range, but with a gas range, you will still be able to manually light it.

What did people use to cook in the olden days?

Coal stoves, Wood stoves, Wood fires.

When was the pioneer stove invented?

Two Amish brothers invented the Pioneer Stoves in the l970`s on a dairy farm in Southern Ontario. Their invention was borne from a need to heat their homes and cook. They named their cook stove Pioneer Maid.

Sears Roebuck and Company Wood Burning Stoves?

Yes Sears and Roebuck, wood burning stoves.

What product was petroleum turned into for use in lanterns and stoves?

Petroleum was turned into Kerosene for use in lanterns and stoves

Where can you buy a gas kitchen stove?

You can buy gas kitchen stoves online, or at Lowes or Best Buy carries all kinds of stoves. Even stoves with TV built into them. You can always find them cheap in classified sections, as most people would prefer electric stoves.

Will gas stoves work with propane?

Yes, it will just need extra adjustments in the pieces of machinery of gas stoves.