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Airplanes were introduced to war before WW 1. Airplanes were first used in the Italian-Turkish war in 1911-ish. It was Italy against the Ottoman empire.

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World War 1 introduced aerial warfare with airplanes and trench warfare

300,020 airplanes where used in world war 1

Sonar was not introduced in World War 1.

Airplanes were mostly used as Spy Planes in World War 1.

i think why they use airplanes toprotect them

there were no airplanes in the word war 1. __ The use of airplanes in the military pre-dates WW1. Airplanes were used for recon, bombing missions and fighters.

Airplanes in World War One were invented in 1914 where drastic changes were made in technology.

The use of airplanes for survelence and fighting, submarine warfare, machine guns and chemical warfare

Before World War 1, airplanes were used for recreation. However, during World War 1 airplanes were used for reconnaissance and spying on the enemies. Airplanes were also used as fighter jets and as bombers. Airplanes changed warfare greatly and allowed for blitz attacks and air warfare.

Reconnasissance (scouting).

flying machines aeroplanes

Airplanes were used from the beginning of the war. Most militaries had an air branch when WW1 started.

Airplanes were used from the very beginning of the war.

The need for reconnaissance (scouting).

Establish democracy Airplanes

Poison gas, airplanes and tanks

New- Poison gas, tanks, airplanes Improved- Machine guns, artillery, submarines, dirigibles, and small arms.

cannons, chemical weapons (poisonous gas,) machine guns, u-boats (submarines,) airplanes, and tanks.

The first war between flying machines (airplanes).

1. Made of metal 2. Faster 3. Deadlier After the Vietnam War: Airplanes can fly by themselves (no human required)

Italians flew airplanes in war in 1911. WW1 was the first airplane to airplane combat (dog-fighting).

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