When were ambulance introduced in Trinidad?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: When were ambulance introduced in Trinidad?
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Who introduced carnival in Trinidad in tobago?

the indentured labourers

How has the spanish language come to Trinidad?

The spanish were the first to colonize Trinidad, they named the island (Trinidad means "Trinity" in spanish), and introduced their language to it.

When was the printing press introduced in Trinidad?

in 1111111111111110000000000000000000000000000 AC/DC

How long has the air ambulance service been in operation in the UK?

The UK currently has twenty-seven air ambulance services. The oldest is Cornwall Air Ambulance, which was introduced April 1, 1987. It serves the Cornwall area in England.

Why is cricket a popular sport in Trinidad?

Trinidad used to be a British Colene so when Britain took over, it brought over some of its culture too. Cricket is a popular British sport so it was introduced to Trinidad. People in Trinidad still play cricket despite Trinidad no longer being a British Colene as it is now part of their culture too. Well I think that's right anyway.. :)

What religion did the Spaniards introduced to Trinidad?

Roman Catholicism, which was the offical (and only accepted) religion of Spain until the last couple of centuries.

What is an air ambulance?

An aircraft equity with the same resources as an ambulance

What is call ambulance in Hindi?


What is the plural form for the word ambulance?

The plural of ambulance is ambulances.

What states have a city named Trinidad?

Trinidad, CA Trinidad, CO Trinidad, Bolivia

Can an ambulance park where it wants to?

No, an ambulance does not have its own will.

What does type 1 ambulance means?

Type one ambulance means an ambulance... which is type one.