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They were evacuated in the fony war, the blitz and after the blitz stopped

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The children was evacuated becaue the war went on

Children were evacuated in World War 2 by train

Children were evacuated from the cities to the countryside to avoid the bombing.

the children in world war 2 were evacuated up my bum

They were evacuated to times or more and they were evacuated to the countryside...

when were the children evacuated forr the second time in world war 2

Most children were evacuated to the countryside via Train.

Yes, it was right for children to be evacuated for their own saftey.

to the country sidethey were evacuated to the countryside

In England during World War I and World War II, children were evacuated to the country. They were moved out of the cities for their safety.

Children were first evacuated on the first of September 1939, the beginning of world war 2.

Children were evacuated in the war because they people thought they would be safer evacuated than in their city home. And in advance the people also thought that if they was another war then there would be plenty of men to fight. Think of it as ' Preserving children for the future '

Children were not sent to war they were evacuated from their home to the country where no bombs will be there!

No, Some adults were evacuated. Children under five would have their mum's and pregnant women were evacuated.

Yes. 100,00 teachers were evacuated, pregnant mothers and mothers with children under 5 were evacuated as well as children.

Children were taken to a safe place during the Falkland War. They were not evacuated out of the area, they were just taken to a camp where they would be safer.

They were evacuated in 1939. Most came back in 1945.

it depended on when they were evacuated as it would most likely be from then to the end of the war not all children were evacuated at the same time.

Only The Germans That were Jews got Evacuated during World War II

== They were evacuated to the countryside and werent treated very well.

children were evacuated to small villages mabye like Inverness perhaps do i think you get my point?

They were evacuated to the country to avoid the fighting

well the children got to the country where it was safe

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