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1484 in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburger, reserch shows that hamburger was invented in Hamburg Germany!

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Q: When were hamburgers invented?
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Who invented hamburgers?

A cook in Hamburg, Germany.

How many hamburgers were invented in 1999?


What country invented the first hamburgers?


Where were hamburgers invented?

hamburgers were invented in moscowno they were not they were invented in Hamburg Germany. So therefore u have posted an incorrect answers.Charlie Nagreen invented the hamburger.GermanySeymour, Wisconsin

What food was invented by US?

Hot dogs and hamburgers were invented by US. There could be more, but those are the two mains.

Who invented space vehicles?

Kelly the physcology of the study of hamburgers and hot dogs

Why do Americans eat hamburgers or french fries and etc?

Because we invented it. But we did not invent french fries. ut we invented putting the hamburger patty on a BUN

What is the differenece between to love hamburgers just plain and to just plain love hamburgers?

To love hamburgers just plain = to love hamburgers without anything on them. To just plain love hamburgers = that you just really like hamburgers.

Why are hamburgers called hamburgers?

They're named hamburgers because they were first popularized in Hamburg, Germany.

Are hamburgers acidic or alkaline?

Hamburgers are acidic.

Why are hamburgers called hamburgers if they have no ham in them?

They are called hamburgers because they originated in Hamburg, Germany.

What are common fillings in hamburgers?

lettuce tomato and the hamburgers...

Does McDonald's serve hamburgers?

when arer hamburgers served

Where are hamburgers from?

Hamburgers are from steers that are bred and sold for the meat industry.

Where was hamburgers created?

Hamburgers originated from New Haven, CT

When was Geri's Hamburgers created?

Geri's Hamburgers was created in 1962.

When did Geri's Hamburgers end?

Geri's Hamburgers ended in 1999.

When was Schoop's Hamburgers created?

Schoop's Hamburgers was created in 1948.

When was Henry's Hamburgers created?

Henry's Hamburgers was created in 1954.

When was Max Hamburgers created?

Max Hamburgers was created in 1968.

When was Gino's Hamburgers created?

Gino's Hamburgers was created in 1957.

Do they eat hamburgers at Ramadan?

you can eat hamburgers after the sunsets don't know what you mean do they eat hamburgers at Ramadan

Why is Burger King in competition with McDonald's?

It has to do with how they prepare their hamburgers. McDonald's fries their hamburgers while Burger King flame broils their hamburgers.

Do you like hamburgers?

yes we love hamburgers thanks,The Jonas Brothers

Were hamburgers ever dangerous?

If not cooked properly or mishandled, hamburgers can be dangerous.

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